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Author: -lastcall
Created: December 24, 2009
Taken: 163 times
Rated: PG

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i guess second best is all i'll ever know.

Created by -lastcall and taken 163 times on Bzoink
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do you restart the song when you miss your favorite part?
in your opinon, can you sing well?
when was the last time you were dissapointed?
have you ever visited dictionary.com? it's my bestfriend:)
well not really..but, who is your best friend?
do you totally hate your hometown and plan on leaving as soon as possible?
what is your hometown known for?
does your bedroom have a theme?
you open your closet doors, what color do you see the most?
your fingernails are currently painted what color?
say a random word in another language:
have you ever read a series of books that had more than 10 books in it?
what is something that alwaysss gets on your nerves?
you wake up in the middle of the night hungry, do you eat or shrug it off?
are you the black sheep of the family?
are your siblings totally gorgeous?
have you ever burnt anything on accident?
what song always makes you sad?
have you ever been to a techno party?
does your school have those slutty dance parties everyweekend?
what time on average do you wake up during the summer?
what time zone do you live in?
what movie can you not waaaaait to see?
is there a tv series you have watched ever since the first season came out?
who is the most awkward person you know?
would you date kyle?
do you have a blogger account?
when you get married, what do you want your last name to be?
have you ever legally changed your name?
does your family send out a christmas card every year?
do you stare at people's butts when they walk?
do you think it is cute or waaaay annoying when guys sag?
do you own uggs or do you think they are uggly? bahaha.
what smiley do you use most often?
your mom hears you cuss. what does she say?
have you ever been in a wedding?
have you ever heard of tim tebow?
yeah, im gonna marry him, fa sho. who have you fantasized about marrying?
i can't spell correctly worth a flip, can you?
what word do you say wayyy too much?
do you think 'thats what she said' is gross or funny?
do you think running a mile is fun or a punishment?
do you say "FAIL" after everything, like my brother does?
have you ever been to a concert?
have you been to each coast of america?