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Author: -lastcall
Created: December 23, 2009
Taken: 127 times
Rated: G

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the rumors flew, but nobody knew how much she blamed herself.

Created by -lastcall and taken 127 times on Bzoink
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how often do you look in a mirror, a day?
you are thinking about somebody, and who might that be?
who is the last person to see you in your underwear?
you need to vent about things, who do you call?
do you enjoy deep conversations?
did you/are you planning on going to college?
did you ever place in the spelling bees in elementary school?
do you remember your kindergarden teacher?
what color is the shirt you are wearing?
the last text message you sent out said..?
do you ever feel like you are being watched?
sorry if that totally creeped you out. what color is your bedspread?
you get a text saying they love your older sibling. you say?
what is your biggest kept secret about?
if you see a shooting star, do you make a wish?
does it take a lot to make you in a bad mood?
what is your favorite relative?
your mom says she is in love with your principal. you freak out, right?
what was your biggest fear as a child?
my biggest pet peeve is one-worded texts, what is yours?
why did your last relationship end?
did your parents ship you off to summer camp as a child?
in ninth grade, all you cared about is what?
what would be your acceptance speech if you won an award?
have you ever lost a close friend?
are you angry at anyone? if so, why?
when was the last time you smiled truely?
pick: mcdonalds, wendys, or burger king.
one time i went to burger king and they were out of burgers. ironic, right?
what is the most played song on your ipod?
why did you choose this survey to take?
are there mosquitos where you live? if not, consider yourself lucky.
have you ever been inside of the statue of liberty?
what is the first thing (other than clothes) that you see in your closet?
have you actually watched JONAS, or just assumed it was stupid?
what is the first thing you think of when i say blue?
you said sky, right? well..maybe not. how old are you?
what is your name, anyways?
have you ever built a snowman?
i fell down the stairs five minutes ago, ever done that?
yeahhhh, i have a bruise on my butt. do you still own any stuffed animals?
where is the weirdest place you have ever had a bruise?
what is the most addicting thing you have ever done?
do you visit your grandparents on a regular basis?
what kind of deodorant do you use?