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Author: -lastcall
Created: December 23, 2009
Taken: 77 times
Rated: G

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i'm a bad boy 'cause i don't even miss her, i'm a bad boy for breaking her heart.

Created by -lastcall and taken 77 times on Bzoink
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did you basically waste your life in school, if the world ends in 2012?
yeah, i did. i don't believe in it though. do you?
do you sing to songs in the car when you are alone?
do you laugh at other people when they are alone in their car singing?
have you every actually written a song?
the world will end in an hour. what do you do?
ever visited time's square?
do you live in a place that is full of snow or only wishful, in winter?
ever accidently sent a text message to the wrong person ABOUT that person?
sorry if that was confusing:) what makes you relax?
are you one of those camera whores?
what is the longest amount of time that you have gone without sleep?
are you tired of being alone?
ever cried in public?
when was the last time you failed a test making a 20-or below?
color eyes does the person you are currently head over heels about have?
does the weirdest dream you have ever had involve your history teacher?
who might that be, anyways?
oh yeah. i forgot, what's choo name foo?
d03z iiT b@hHt3R y3wH d@T ii R0t3 liiK3 diiz? it bothered me.
how many christmas trees are in your home during the season?
do you remember the reason for the season or are you all for the presents?
how many trophies do you own?
have you ever played any sports that involve a ball bigger than a coconut?
do you still watch cartoons?
what name do you think is the prettiest on a girl?
do ya know a guy named ben?
ever told your date you were going to the bathroom and actually left?
what never fails to put you in a bad mood?
do you journal/blog any?
have you ever read any sarah dessen books?
what is the first thing that comes to mind when i say green?
most of you said grass, right? how old are you, by the way?
did you know that you hear/see something that relates to a monkey everyday?
have you ever made a threat that you went through with?
how many pillows are currently on your bed?
do you share a bed with anyone, or is it allll yours?
are you scared to be alone after you watch a scary movie?
are you totally annoyed when taylorswift whens all awards at an award show?
do you own any songs that are from limewire?
have you smacked anyone's butt today?
are you from the north/south/west/east?
ya live in america, right?
would you ever want to be a celebrity?
did you ever take ballet as a kidddo?