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Author: annabella
Created: December 21, 2009
Taken: 60 times
Rated: PG

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INTERESTING, Good grammar :)

Created by annabella and taken 60 times on Bzoink
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How are you today?
Generally, do you prefer the written or film version?
What is the one thing you hate the most?
Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
What do you notice first in a person of interest?
What is your favourite memory?
Do you have many secrets?
Do you have a favourite magazine?
Still in school?
Name three things that you can see.
What is the first word that comes to mind when I say Chuck?
Describe your day so far.
And what are your plans for tomorrow?
How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
What is your favourite beverage?
Have you been in love?
Are you accepting of peoples differences?
Would you describe yourself as immature? Why?
What is your favourite book?
Do you have a bestfriend, or a group of friends?
Do you sleep with a fan on?
Do you look in a mirror every day?
How often do you talk on the phone?
What is your favourite outfit?
What was the last thing you bought?
Do you remember the last time you cried?
Do you have fights often?
Do you get along with your parents?
What about your siblings? (If you have siblings.)
When is your birthday?
What is your most used smiley?
PC or Mac?
What is your favourite gaming consol?
Do you have regrets?
Would you like to share your most embarasing moment?
What about the time you felt better than ever before?
Have you had any serious illnesses or injuries?
What colour are your eyes?
Do you have a preference for looks in a person of interest?
What is your favourite film?
Do you listen to music everyday?
What is your favourite song/ artist?
If your friend lied to you, how would you react?
Do you have a favourite celebrity?
What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?
What are you scared of?
Do you have any phobias?
Do you keep letters or notes people have written you?
If you could say something to anyone in the world , what would you say?
How do you spend your time?
Do you wear any jewerly that you never take off?
Are looks important to you?
What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you?
And the meanest thing?
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind or Electricity?