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Author: ayebaycay
Created: December 16, 2009
Taken: 48 times
Rated: PG

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throw that money in one hand and say yeah.

Created by ayebaycay and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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do you know what song the title is from?
what are you doing?
are you tired?
do you like milk?
what about hot chocolate?
do you put marsh mellows in your hot chocolate?
is there snow on the ground outside?
do you celebrate Christmas?
would you have sex with the last person you texted?
or have you already? haha.
are you pregnant?
are you a parent?
how old was your mother when she had you?
are you adopted?
do your parents give you a lot of rules you have to follow?
are your parents real strict?
do you get grounded if you have a bad grade?
do you go to bed early?
what time are you getting up on Christmas day?
do you watch A Christmas Story all day?(:
i doooo(:
what annoys you about the opposite sex?
are you afraid of needles?
how do you feel about gay people?
if you could pick any car,what would you get?
are you a single lady?
how many surveys do you do in a day?
if you could go to college anywhere,where would you go?
are you sarcastic?
are you happier now,or were you happier 4months ago?
what is your longest relationship?
how expensive is your most expensive pair of shoes?
ever go skiing?
ever go to canada?
well,whats your name?
is this real boring?
i think ill stop,make sure you save this.