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Author: wantedperson4
Created: December 14, 2009
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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u and other things..

Created by wantedperson4 and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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date of birth?
how many friends?
hair style?
tv show?
~dis or dat~
dp or pepsi?
BK or MCD?
beer or whisky?
boyfriend/girlfriend or friends?
truck or car?
hig or kiss?
cs or ps?
cat or dog?
bestest friend ever?
how many iz there?
wats the names?
how old r they?
do u love them?
if u have a guy friend would u date him?
do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
r they older?
do u luv them?
have u kised them?
r u a virgin?
do u have a sister?
if so wats her name?
how old?
wats ur moms name?
wats ur dads name?