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Author: sofay
Created: December 8, 2009
Taken: 391 times
Rated: G

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Pretty much everything anyone would ever wish to know about you and your mind.

Created by sofay and taken 391 times on Bzoink
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Because this is 'everything', just skip any sections you don't want to do.
Or any questions as well I guess. (:
The Basics:
What is your name?
If you could change your name, would you? What to?
What age are you?
Would you rather be a different age? If so, what do you think would change?
Are you male or female?
Have you ever wished to be the opposite gender, even just for a day?
When's your birthday?
Where were you born?
Do you still live where you were born? If not, where do you live?
Do you like where you live? Do you ever want to move away?
What is your sexual orientation? Did you decide or did you just know?
Are you in a relationship right now?
Is there anything you would change about your relationship?
If single, do you want to be in a relationship?
Favourites :
What is your favourite colour?
What's your favourite food?
What's your favourite 'type' of food? (Indian, Chinese, etc)
What's your favourite natural scent? (Cut grass, flowers, etc)
What's your favourite man made scent? (Perfume, etc)
What's your favourite movie? Favourite genre of movie?
What's your favourite band? Favourite genre of music?
What's your favourite thing to do to pass the time?
Favourite mode of transport?
Favourite instrument? (To play or hear. Both if different)
Your Stance in Popular Debates :
Do you think abortion should be illegal or legal? Always or just sometimes?
(For instance, if the baby and Mother might die during birth, etc)
Should the Father get a say in the matter? (We're still on abortion here xP
What are your feelings on war?
Should gay people be allowed to marry and adopt?
What are your thoughts on teenage pregnancy? How young is too young?
What do you think about capital punishment?
Testing on animals : Gross or fine?
Should education be better or should kids just get on with it?
Do you think we should limit the amount of children people can have?
Should we adopt instead of having kids ourselves?
Should marijuana be made legal? What about other drugs?
What do you think about underage drinking, smoking, etc?
You personally :
How much alcohol do you consume weekly? Would you change this?
Do you smoke? How often?
Do you tend to sleep with people you aren't dating?
Have you ever smoked marijuana? Do you still?
What about 'harder' drugs?
Do you tend to socialise with people who are similar to what you said above
For instance, if you drink a lot, all your friends are drinkers too.
Do you feel your friends influence your decisions in any way? How so?
Random Personality Questions :
Do you daydream a lot? Anything in particular?
Do you usually remember your dreams?
Do people often say "Ew, too much information!" to you? xP
Do you prefer having friends who are similar or different to you?
Will you talk to absolutely anyone or do you usually keep to yourself?
Do you usually go for a certain 'type' of person? (In romance or friendship
Do you believe your horoscope?
What starsign are you? Are you similar to the typecast of that starsign?
Are you usually happy or upset about something?
Do you feel you're hard to get to know?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Are you messy or a clean freak?
Organized or disorganized?
Negative or positive?
Do you procrastinate a lot?
How often do you ditch friends in favour to do something else?
Do you prefer staying at home or going out and about?
Whatever you choose to do, would you rather do it with friends or family?
What about a lot of friends or just a few?
Are you more of a music or movie person? Or something else?
What type of books do you read?
What type of magazines do you read?
Your Future :
What would be your ideal job when you're older?
Do you think it's easily attainable or do you feel you'll never get there?
If you couldn't do that job, what would you do instead?
What would you never want to do as a career?
Do you want to get married?
Have you already planned out your dream wedding? What's it like?
Do you want to have kids? How many?
Where do you want to live?
What does your dream house look like?
What kind of vehicle would you like? Any particular colour?
What is your dream 'significant other' like?
What is your dream best friend like?
More Personality Questions I'm Just Adding In xP :
Do you prefer educational or trash TV?
What is your favourite TV show?
Are there certain types of people you avoid?
Are you an awkward person?
Are you shy or confident?
Your Appearance :
What does your hair look like?
What is your favourite physical feature?
What type of clothes do you wear usually?
Do you wear heels or trainers more?
Do you prefer long or short hair? (On yourself)
Are you usually very well groomed or a bit scruffy?
How often do you wear make up?
How do you get yourself ready in the morning?
Are you a bit obsessed with how you look?
When choosing friends, is appearance something you look for?
Is this different when choosing potential people to date?
Your Personality :
Do you have a short temper?
How often do you have 'bad days'?
Do you care too much or too little?
Do you laugh and smile a lot?
When in a bad mood, do you fake it and act happy?
What annoys you more: People who are always cheery or...
... People who are always upset?
Okay, I think that's it. xP