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Author: sexylicious
Created: December 7, 2009
Taken: 26 times
Rated: G

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Created by sexylicious and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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Ca va?
Ahhh oui! Haha
So am I talking to a boy or a girl?
How old are you?
And what is your name?
Ah very nice
So what are your plans for today?
Sounds fun
Are you taking this survey because you are as bored as me?
Thought so.
What colour is your underwear?;)
Do you go to school?
What do you want to be when you are older?
This or that?
Mobile phone or computer?
Music or movies?
Miley cyrus or Ashley Tisdale?
Hairspray or High school musical?
Fingers or toes?
Bus or trains
Staying in or going out?
Hot or cold?
Summer or winter?
Alcohol or smoking?
Tesco or Asda?
Tattoos or piercings?
Boys or girls?
Hug or kisses?
Money or sex?
Snow or sun?
Christmas or birthday?
Okay enough of them.
Are you a virgin?
If not, what do you like about sex?
What is your favourite position?
I hope this isn't making you feel uncomfortable.....
Hahaha just kidding I'm not that mean
Or am I?
No I'm not.
So....what are you doing tonight?
Where did you buy your last pair of shoes from?
Have you ever won an award?
What for?
What is your oppinion on abortion?
How fast can you type?
Prove it!
Haaaa oj!
Whats something blue within 10 feet of you?
Do you like to bake cookies?
Do you like hot dogs??
I love baking cookies and I also love hot dogs mmmmmmmm
What room are you in now?
What's the time?
How many sugars in your tea?
I hate make-up.....do you?
What's the date?
Are you with anyone?
What time did you wake up today?
Has anyone ever written you a song?
How do you like your eggs?
Name someone you know with a birthday in December
Mine is in March!
Guess what day....
Nope try again.....
It's the 13th!!
Kissed anyone in the last week?
Who was it?
Can you whistle?
What was your mum's maiden name?
Have you ever saw a shooting star?
I have!
I have my very own star aswell!
What will you be doing 5 hours from now?
Do you have a middle name?
What is it?
I don't have one :(
Give me one please :)
Do you go to the gym?
If not, what do you do for exercise? ;)
What are you good at?
Name something you got for Christmas last year
Are you looking forward to it this year?
I can't wait!!!
18 days!!
Sorry mate I went to get something to eat.
Mmmmmm cup of tomato soup!!!
What was the last thing you tripped over?
I was born to make you happy....
What song is that????
You suck!
Just kidding LOL
Do you think mailmen deliver their own mail?
Have you ever regretted telling someone something?
What was it'?
Come on you can tell me
Do you have a secret handshake with anyone?
Do you watch people from your window when you're bored?
If you do then you are a creep
If you were to go on google right now, what would you search for?
Hmm come on be honest now!
I know it would really be for porn
Will you save all your answers? It's no fun if you dont :]
You better LOL
Team Edward or team Jacob?
Are you a spoilt brat?
What is your favourite skittle?
What mood are you in right now?
Do you have facebook?
Do you play farmville on it?
It's an amazing game haha
So much fun!
What level are you?
I'm level 23 haha
If you don't have facebook you can still play it!
Just go to www.farmville.com!!
What shampoo do you use?
How many cars do you have?
Ever broken a bone?
Where about?
Doing what?
Joking sake calm down!!:P
Do you shave your legs?
Uploaded any videos on youtube?
Can I see them?
Leave the link please!
Do you have twitter?
Ever sang happy birthday and forgot the persons name
Who is your fave disney character?
I'm bored now
Tell me a random fact about you!!
Omg no way girlfriend!
Hahaha oj
Do you love Cilla black?
Gemma quirk?
Hahaha that's me!!
What do you think of my last name?
Very quirky ;)
Well have a nice day
Don't do anything I wouldn't do
I can't wait to see my boyfriend tonight!
We are going to have sex!
Hahahaha you didn't need to know that I know
Look it's raining!
Oj ha ha ha
Fooled you!
Nah oj
Right gotta go
Remeber to save you answers!!!! Pleaseee!!