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Author: mcshortstuff13
Created: December 5, 2009
Taken: 82 times
Rated: PG

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.:Change is good sometimes, but buddy I believe, I'm gonna make it easy, I'll stay me:.

Created by mcshortstuff13 and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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.:WHO needs you baby? I do:.
Who's your best friend?
Who do you have your eye on right now?
Who has their eye on you?
Who has the prettiest eyes of everyone you know?
Who would be your one call from jail?
Who would you call if your car broke down in the middle of no where?
Who are your emergency contacts in your cell phone?
Who can always make you blush?
Who has always been there for you?
Who do you look up to?
Who looks up to you?
Who hurt you more than anyone else?
Who do you know that doesn't believe in themselves as much as they should?
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
.:WHAT part of no don't you understand?:.
What (if anything) are you doing other than this survey?
What do you want for the next upcoming gift giving holiday?
What do you think of Kanye West?
What is your weakness when it comes to the opposite sex? (Or same sex)
What is the biggest mistake you ever made?
What kind of computer do you have?
What cell phone carrier do you use?
What is the most overplayed song right now?
What (if anything) do you collect?
What moment would you relive if you could?
What is the most annoying thing about your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend
What is the most annoying thing about your boss?
What is the most annoying thing about your parents/sibling(s)?
What woud you do-oo-oo for a Klondike bar?
.:I canít believe answers Iíve found, Since back WHEN I knew it all:.
When is the best time of day?
When do you normally wake up?
When do you usually go to bed?
When did you realize that your parents don't always have all the answers?
When were you born?
When in your life were you the most terrified?
When do you hope to finish this by?
.:WHERE were you, when I was going crazy?:.
Where you at?
Where would you rather be?
Where is/are the person/people you miss the most?
Where do you go when you're upset?
Where is your favorite place in the world?
Where do you hate going?
Where do you spend most of your money?
Where is your cell phone?
Where are your parents?
Where do you work?
Where do you go to school?
Where do you hang out?
Do you lie to your parents about where you are?
Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?
.:I know I'd never let you walk away,So WHY do I push you 'til you break?:.
Why are you doing this?
Why is your best friend your best friend?
Why do so many girls stay with guys who treat them like crap?
Why are guys so hard to shop for?
Did you last cry?
Get mad?
Why is your relationship with your mom the way it is?
Why is your relationship with your dad the way it is?
Same question; but about your sister(s) and/or brother(s)?
Why is your hair the color it is?
Why is it so hard to tell the people you love how you really feel?
Why is your life the way it is right now?
Why are you keeping whatever secret you're keeping?
Why can't we all just get along?
.:HOW was I to know I would be this strong? I had what it takes all along:.
How did you get through the hardest time in your life?
How did you get one of your scars?
How do you like your eggs?
How do you like your steak cooked? (Rare, Med Rare, Medium, Med Well, Well)
How do you feel right now physically?
How do you feel right now mentally/emotionally?
How hard is it to let go of someone you love to save yourself?
How did you sleep last night?
How long have you been romantically interested in the person you like/love?
How hard is it for you to let go of the past?
How did the person you lost most recently die?
How many licks does it take 2 get 2 the TootsieRoll center of a TootsiePop?
.:You're my one, my from now on; My FIRST love song:.
Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
How old were you?
Who dumped who?
Were you heartbroken?
Who was your first kiss?
How old were you?
Where was it?
Who was your first love?
How old were you? How old was (s)he?
Did (s)he know you loved him/her?
Did (s)he love you back?
What did they look like?
How long did it last?
Could it be called a "healthy relationship?"
How/why did it end?
Did it hurt?
Do you still love that person?
Are you still in contact with them?
How would you describe your present relationship with this person?
Who was the first person to truely break your heart?
How old were you?
What did he/she do to you?
Did they break your heart by dumping you or was it something else they did?
How long did it take you to get over them? (Or are you not over them?)
How long did it take to get over what they did? (Or are you not over it?)
Have you forgiven them? If not, do you think you ever will?
Have they even asked for forgiveness?
Do you think they even realize how badly they hurt you?
Any advice for anyone in a similar situation?
Who was your first best friend?
Are you still friends with that person?
What was your first pet?
Tell us about them
Are they still living? If not how did they die?
When did you get your first cell phone?
What carrier was it?
Were you responsible for the payments?
Was it a surprise?
What kind of ohone was it?
Where was your first job? (other than babysitting)
What was your job?
How much did you start off with an hour?
Was that minimum wage or above at the time?
Did you like your boss(es)?
What about co workers?
Did you have fun at work?
What did you do there in addition to the job made obvious by your title?
Do you sitll work there?
If no, were you fired or did you quit? Why?
If yes, how long have you been there?
When did you get your first car?
Who paid for it?
Who paid the insurance?
Year make and model please.
What did you hate about it?
What did you love about it?
Whose name was it registered in?
Did you name your car? If so what?
.:What about NOW, how 'bout tonight? Baby for once let's don't think twice:
Who is your best friend?
Tell us about your present car. Or are you still on your first?
Same for cellular.
Is your heart currently broken?
If so, tell us about it. (Getting it out helps, even if you don't post it.)
Current job?
Who ARE you?
And how old are you?
Hair and eye color?
Is your hair color natural?
How long is your hair?
How's it styled right now?
Wearing any makeup?
.:They made their HOUSE from a toolshed Grandaddy rolled down on two logs:.
Where do you live?
House, appartment, or other?
Do you live with family, friends, or a significant other?
Are you happy with that?
Do you have your own room or do you share?
Happy with that?
Do you like your room?
What size bed do you have?
Is it clean right now?
Where do you keep your clothes?
Private things you don't want others to see?
What is currently plugged in in your bedroom?
How many windows?
Wall paper, paint, or other?
What color/colors/design?
Ceiling color?
Wood floor, carpet, or other?
Do you have a ceiling fan?
Ceiling light?
Do you have pictures on the walls?
Are any of them framed?
What about posters?
Bulletin boards or anything like them?
Any random stuff on the walls that doesn't fit in with the above?
How many full sized pillows?
Any weird pillows?
How many blankets/sheets/etc?
.:Baby, this could be our LAST first kiss, The door to forever:.
Who was the last friend to truly hurt you?
What did he/she do?
Is there any hope for the friendship?
How long ago did this happen?
Have you spoken since?
Do you think you ever will again?
Do you think they meant to hurt you?
Why/Why not?
Have they asked to be forgiven?
Will/have you forgive(n) them?
Who was the last boy/girl to break your heart?
What did he/she do?
Did they know they were hurting you?
When did this happen?
What did you do?
Do you think they hurt you intentionally?
Why/why not?
Do you think they realize how deeply they hurt you?
Do you think they feel guilty or regret it?
Have the apologized?
If yes, do you think they meant it? If no, what would you do if they did?
When was the last time you spoke to them?
Do you think you'll ever be able to be friends again?