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Author: fluorescentlove
Created: December 5, 2009
Taken: 252 times
Rated: G

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True or False?

Created by fluorescentlove and taken 252 times on Bzoink
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Just choose true or false;)
You have brown hair
You enjoy reality tv
You play an instrument
You don't bite your nails
You aren't religious
You are in high school
You have a friend you can tell everything to
Your parents are still together
You have a pet dog
You usually revise for exams
You wear jeans a lot
You often wish you could sing
You like to read magazines
You don't like chocolate
You wash your hair every night
You are looking forward to Christmas
You enjoy shopping
You are on a diet right now
You enjoy watching tv soaps
You snort when you laugh
You don't have Facebook
You own an iPod
You like to sit in the dark
Bad weather annoys you more than anything
You have had something valuble stolen before
You like to wear ugg boots
You own a mobile phone
You have sensitive eyes
You find movies boring
You know how to keep secrets
You find it difficult to get up on a morning
You have never broken a bone
Spiders scare you
Music is one of your favourite things
You find it difficult to say 'no' sometimes
You suffer from hayfever
You can't swim
Water is your favourite drink
You do not smoke cigerettes
You wear make up
People often struggle to understand your accent
You like to wear cardigans
You have been bullied before
You hate rap music
You do/would like to donate blood
You get claustrophobic in small spaces
You enjoy sports
You have posters on your bedroom walls
You cry at sad songs
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