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About This Survey

Author: teamjacob
Created: December 3, 2009
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G


Created by teamjacob and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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what are you addicted to?
fave bands?
team jacob or edward? and why?
do you like twilight?
would you rather be a werewolf or vampire?
would you want to live forever?
fave super power?
fave movie?
hottes guy on earth? (we all know taylor lautner is)
fave animal?
fave animal?
why jacob (edward) beats edward (jacob) ?
things you hate
think of something random that you really love
fave celebs/movie stars?
fave book?
fave instrement?
fave person in twilight?
why jacob beats edward?
why jacob is better for bella?
why you hate edward?
why stephanie meyer sucks at writing books?
why you hated how twilight ended?
why twilight is a sick and gross ending?
why people who like edward suck?
why werewolves beat vampires?
why Taylor lautner is normal and Robert Pattinson isnt?
why jacob black is better than edward cullen?