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Author: mcshortstuff13
Created: November 25, 2009
Taken: 15 times
Rated: G

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.:Cellular Tellular:.

Created by mcshortstuff13 and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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What Company made it?
What kind is it?
Battery attaced to the back?
Flip, swivel, slide, or candy bar?
QWERTY keyboard or numeric?
What's your background?
^ shortcut?
> shortcut?
v shortcut?
< shortcut?
.:Sounds Like Life To Me:.
Main ringtone?
Text tone?
Vmail tone?
Any Ringtone IDs?
Do you have ringbacks?
Does your phone hold music?
Do you need special headphones for it?
How many songs do you have on it?
.:Who is this? Is this the devil?:.
Last missed call?
Dialed? (voicemail doesn't count!)
Who do you talk to the most?
Do you use speakerphone?
What about a bluetooth or headset?
Talk or Text more?
.:Speaking of Texting:.
Who was the last to text you?
Last that you texted?
Last picture you sent was of?
Who do you text most often?
Do you ever flat out ignore texts?
How many texts can be held in your inbox?
Do you use your drafts to write yourself notes?
How many times does your phone vibrate for a text?
.:Back in the day it was called the "Little Black Book":.
(I call it your contacts)
Do you put symbols in contact names to move them up the list?
Who are your emergency contacts?
Do you have the rejection hotline saved in contacts?
What about the breakup hotline?
Santa's number?
Thanksgiving turkey? (if you want any of the above mentioned message me)
Any restuarants in your contacts?
Do you keep people you hate in your phone so you know if they call?
Do you save them under really horrible names?
Have you ever had someone's number blocked so they can't contact you?
Do you save people as first and last name, first name only, or nicknames?
Got your exes family in there?
What about your bosses home/cell phone?
Any of your parents friends?
Boyfriend's family?
Do you actually take the time to put people in groups?
Do you have any groups you named yourself?
Do you have your voicemail number saved as *86 followed by your password?
Did you know if you do that (with a # symbol on the end) it saves time?
Did you know that *86 is *VM, or *VoiceMail?
How many saved voicemails do you have?
Speed Dial #1
Speed Dial #2
Speed Dial #3
Speed Dial #4
Speed Dial #5
Speed Dial #6
Speed Dial #7
Speed Dial #8
Speed Dial #9
Did you set a 666 speed dial?
.:And Some Randoms:.
Where is your cell?
Are you counting down until you get a new phone?
Which pocket do you usually keep your cell in?
Do you want someone to call right now?
Do you use your cell as a watch?
Do you use your cell as an alarm?