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Author: samanthakaye
Created: November 15, 2009
Taken: 295 times
Rated: G

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Created by samanthakaye and taken 295 times on Bzoink
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long, dumb & random....
do cars honk at you when you walk down the street?
do old people like you?
how many sit ups can you do?
are you single?
do you like to mingle?
how many times have you left your house today?
who did you last sleep neck to?
how many times have you farted today?
do u faint at the sight of blood?
do you still watch the disney channel?
do you own a trampoline?
what colour are your nails painted?
what kind of drunk are you?
do you have drugs on you?
did you ever want to be a princess/prince when you grew up?
have you ever vomitted on anyone?
do people think your crazy?
do you prefer to eat of a plate or bowl?
whats your favourite type of dance?
are you a clean person?
do you like chicken?
can you jump really high?
do you smoke
do you drink?
are you a relationship person?
do you high five random people when you walk down the street?
do you only wear black?
do you wear slogen tee's?
how many pairs of underwear do you own?
do you have any pets?
are you scared of anything?
what really annoys you?
do you like getting you picture taken?
do you were to much make up?
do you think tattoos are sexy?
do you think piercings are sexy?
do you wear perfume?
have you ever touch a tiger?
have you been to a water park?
have you been on a plane?
have you been to a live show?
have you hugged a random stranger?
has anyone ask for your phone number?
what do you want for christmas?
what are you feelings on spiders?
has someone ever spilt anything on you?
do you lie to poeple?
do people lie to you?
have you ever yelled at a cop?
when was the last time you cried?
who was the last person you made cry?
do you swear at people?
do you like conflict?
are you a heart breaker?
did you drop out of school?
do you own a car?
do you shower daily?
are you planning anything atm?
can you see ghost?
do you believe in heaven & hell?
who is your favourite person ever?
do you give good hugs?
are you judgemental?
can you drive a bumber car?
have you ever lied when telling someone your name?
have you ever been kicked out of a movie theater?
have you been told you to drunk to buy more alcohol?
have you had a one night stand?
do you believe in karma?
do you prey?
are you proud of yourself?
are you wearing underwear right now?
have you ever flashed anyone
do people tell you your too loud?
do people always tell you you talk to much?
are you a happy person?
do people hate you?
do you think your attractive?
what was the last thing you won?
do you play mind games?
are you well liked?
whats you hair colour?
whats your favourite tv show?
how many best friends do you have?
do you have o.c.d?
do you txt all the time?
how many people are in your contacts on your phone?
whats your religion?
are you wearing socks atm?
what song are you listening to?
are you ashamed of your music taste?
have you ever lied to someone when they asked where you were?
do u eat healthy?
how many doors are in you house?
what state do you live in?
do you have a job?
can you dance?
whats the last thing you ate?
who else is home right now?
do you exercise often?
whats the closet thing to you that is pink?
cupcakes or muffins?
do you have any tattoos that you regret?
do you have a hidden talent?
can you hula hoop?
can you whistle?
can you touch your nose with your tongue?
do you drink low fat milk?
whats your favourite type of cookie?
what do you order when you go to kfc?
whats your favourite thing to drink?
what have you backed your are into?
ever accidenntly hit someone? with what?
ever started talkin to someone, then you realised they werent that person?
whats your most embrassing moment?
are you heart broke right now?
do you have a crush on someone?
ever done anything illegal in a chruch?
do you believe in love at first sight?
do you own stuffed animals?
how often do you wash your hair?
do you burp in public?
do you fart infront of the opposite sex?