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Author: crazylovelykate
Created: November 8, 2009
Taken: 506 times
Rated: PG

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{It's a secret..} Have You Ever? {Shh!}

Created by crazylovelykate and taken 506 times on Bzoink
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Let's start off easy :) Have you ever..
Given money to a complete stranger?
Talked bad about someone you didn't even know?
Complimented someone because you felt sorry for them?
Made friends with an enemy?
Given your number to a stranger?
Eaten all three meals in one day at fast food places?
Driven a truck?
Ridden a horse?
Befriended someone everyone else thought was strange?
Wandered if you were on the right track?
Little bit tougher. Have you ever..
Done something you knew was wrong?
Done something just a little bit illegal?
Done something that was terribly illegal?
Been proposed to?
Been afraid of something really strange?
Seen a movie all your friends thought was stupid?
Hated one of your closest friends?
Wanted to beat someone up?
Disliked someone because they were more successful than you?
Been rejected for something you really wanted?
Decided that someone or something wasn't right for you, and let them go?
Knew something was bad for you, but stayed true to it?
Wished you were a different person?
Wanted to never speak to someone again.. but did?
Wanted to kick someone out of your life.. and did?
Attended a college football game or pro football game?
Cheered for a team that never won?
Wished you were born somewhere else?
Promised something you never came through with?
Promised something to a kid and never came through with it?
Mentored someone?
Fallen in love with someone who was bad for you?
Fallen in love when you SWORE you wouldn't?
Fallen in love with someone your friends hated?
Loved someone your family hated?
Wished you had been smarter about something?
Made a mistake you just can't get over?
Took the road less taken?
Befriended an animal?
Befriended a teacher?
Wished you'd made a better decision?
Do you regret it?