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Author: yoliebloop
Created: November 3, 2009
Taken: 172 times
Rated: PG

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swallow these nuts.

Created by yoliebloop and taken 172 times on Bzoink
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when you lie to someone can you look at them in eyes?
would you kill someone if they hurt someone you loved?
do think Jerry Springer is fake?
Megan Fox or Kat Von D?
does the last person you kissed slept with more then 3 girls?
ever been tested for any STD's?
whats on your take of music these days?
do you make your bed?
what food item could you live off of?
how much money did you last spend?
do you think its weird when girls change in front of there bf/gf?
to do like Techno,Rock,or Rap remixes of songs?
can you name one song by the beatles?
this christmas what do you want but cant have?
tongue ever hurt from eating to much sour candy?
rather get chinese or pizza delivered?
do you like cartoon or anime?
do you think anime porn is kinda creepy?
are glasses hot to you?
what do/did you usually eat at school lunches?
get a new camera or new phone?
do your parents have time limits on phone calls?
what about when you have to be in bed?
does short hair girls mean there a lezbo?
whats your take on transexuals?
is God real in your eyes?
would you change your eye color?
last person that saw you naked (can't be yourself)
ever kissed someone half naked?
is being sweaty nasty?
do you wax,shave,pluck,natural are your eyebrows?
would you spend 5,000 for hairless armpits and legs forever?
do you think its gay from Male swimmers to shave there legs?
can you talk about your flaws and not be embrassed?