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Author: shenanigans217
Created: October 28, 2009
Taken: 643 times
Rated: G

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Something To Cure Boredum

Created by shenanigans217 and taken 643 times on Bzoink
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Baby, what's your birth name?
How long have you been walking on this earth?
If you could, would you hookup with the last person you commented?
Where did your last kiss take place?
According to your ex, are you pretty?
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
What is your biggest fear?
Have you ever been to a wedding?
Can you lick your elbow?
Are you tired or awake right now?
Do any of your friends have kids?
What's on your right foot at the moment?
Is your best friend single?
What is the oldest you've ever been mistaken for?
At the moment, are you ticked off at someone?
You find out your pregnant, who would you tell first?
Where was your myspace default picture taken?
What are your parent's names?
Was the last person to call you male or female?
Have you ever cheated on anyone?
Are you a jealous type of person?
Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Who knows a secret about you that no one else does?
Have you ever kissed an ex after you two have broken up?
Is it awkward seeing guys in Victoria's Secret stores by themselves?
What do you hope to accomplish in five years?
Have you ever gotten back with an ex?
What's one of the coolest names you've ever heard?
Which animals are the cutest as babies?