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Author: brn4lfe
Created: October 26, 2009
Taken: 68 times
Rated: G

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Created by brn4lfe and taken 68 times on Bzoink
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Excited for halloween?
Do you still go trick or treating,if not how old were you when you stoped?
Whats Your favorite Doritos flavor?
What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Do you chew on the end of pens?
Do you have a special someone?
What does love meen to you?
Have you ever been grounded?
Would you say your a good person?
Any pets?how many,what kind,namess?
Whats one thing that turns you off?
Whats one thing that turns you on?
Are you in a good mood?
If you have a dog and a cat,Which one is the grumpy one?
Or do they get along?
Do you smoke or do any kind of drugs?
If not,how you ever been tempted?
Would you raise your children like your parents raised you?
If you have a dog,does he chase his tail..?
Whats your opinions of pitbulls?
To me,there just a normal dog thats trained to be mean by there owner,cuz -
i have met nice ones,dont you think?
Are your school dances funn?
Ever seen a person and couldnt figure their gender?
Whats your favorite sport to play?
Whats your favorite sport to watch?
Do you like the band 30h3!?
When do you want kids?
What do you think of pregnant teens?
Have you ever stapled yourself?
Does your school have labels?
How old is your youngest friend?
How old is your oldest?
Do you go to the movies every weekend?
Are you strong?
Ever been on a real fight?
If so,did you win/usually win?
Do you get along with your siblings friends?
Do you believe duck tape can fix everything?
Whats the worst way to die?
If you had a choice,how would you want to die?
Do you believe we reincarnate?why,or why not?
Ever have to get braces?
Ever have to get glasses