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Author: musiclover82
Created: October 25, 2009
Taken: 3 times
Rated: PG

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what did you say

Created by musiclover82 and taken 3 times on Bzoink
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do you have myspace,facebook,or other?
if so, how many fakes are on your list of friends?
have you ever been in a fight over any of those apps?
do you log on regularly?
back to the fights, were they intense or mild?
why, what happened?
how many of them do you still talk to?
will you fight again on there?
does it really matter?
what will you take from all of this?
how many people are on your list that you can trust honestly?
has anyone ever hurt you over the past year?
how many real friends do you have on the app above?
why are you on the app in the first place?
is there someone on your list that you wish you could get rid of?
what is thier initials?
is this person far from you?
is this a female or male?
how old are they?
do they live near you?
bet you don't wish them well do you?
would you wish death on anyone? Why?
is there something that you want to tell someone that you just can't say it
do you feel like sharing it without saying any names?
do you feel like kicking someones ass right now?
do people say you're a bitch?
Do you think you're a bitch?
what's on your mind?
are you involved with anyone?
how many people have you dated?
do you miss any of them?
any of them you wish ill?
who would that be?
what did he/she do to deserve that?
I'm tired are you?
if I gave you my number would you call me?
no you won't, bye bye.