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Author: xoxcandy12xox
Created: October 25, 2009
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

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u always tell me im the most beautiful one of all I look at u like ur crazy, U make me feel whole<3

Created by xoxcandy12xox and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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Is there a person who you can look in their eyes and feel lost?
Where did you sleep last night?
Who do you want to kiss?
Do you feel special When the one you love tells you they love you?
Ever slowdanced with anyone?
Ever cried in public?
Ever feel safe in someones arms?
When you see the one you love what do u feel like?
How long have you been going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do you love the one you are with?
What does he or she call you?
What do you call him or her?
When will you see him or her?
Was he your first kiss?
Did you ever slow dance with him?
Did he/she ever give you something special?
Is he or she in any of your pictures?
Is he or she one of the reasons you smile?
Whats the best thing about them?
Did you ever hug them?
Where did you guys first kiss?
Did your first impression of him change?
Describe your first kiss?
Did you ever want anyone to see you kissing?
Did you ever have any good dreams about him or her?
How about bad?
Are you 100% Yourself around them?
Describe what they look like:
How old are they?
Who was the first one to say I love you?
What would u do if they told u u were the only one they wanted to be with?
Have they ever saw you crying?
Are they always on your mind?
Are you always on their mind?
Are you happy when they tell you they love you?
Are they your best friend?
Kiss or hug from them?
Did you ever fall asleep in their arms?
Would they be right by your side if you were crying?
Was he/she the reason you last cried?
If so why?
Does he or she make you feel whole?
What would you do if you saw them crying?
What would you do if he/she proposed to you?
What would you do if you were pregnant?
Was he/she your first love?
What would your full name be if you married them?
Have you ever held hands with them?
Are they the only one you love?
Are you the only one they love?
Would you ever cheat?
Are you faithful to them?
do you ever put your head on their shoulder?
Ever put your arm around them?
Have they ever put their arm around you?
What if they told you they can't live without you?
Do they love to flirt with you?
Do you mean alot to them?
Do they mean alot to you?
Would you take a bullet for them?