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Author: skiesofsunshine
Created: October 25, 2009
Taken: 1,049 times
Rated: G

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The Texting Survey :]

Created by skiesofsunshine and taken 1049 times on Bzoink
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What kind Of phone do you have?
Do you have a full keyboard?
Can you text on a touch screen?
How many texts do you get a month?
Do you ever send more than you're supposed to?
Do you have unlimited texting?
Who do you text the most?
How many texts do you normally send per month?
Can you send pictures/videos to people?
Do you send forward messages and chain letters?
Do you use T9?
Would you rather text than call?
Have you ever been caught sexting?
Do you text all the time?
Do you think you're addicted to texting?
Do you text at times you shoudln't be?
Do you ever text in class?
Have you ever had your phone taken during school?
Do you stay up late texting people?
What noise does your phone make when you get a text?
How many people do you text a day?
Do you ever text someone even though they ignore all your messages?
Have you ever been dumped via text?
Have you ever dumped someone via text?
Have you ever asked someone out/been asked out via text?
Have you ever fought with someone through text messaging?
Do your parents do a lot of texting?
Have you ever accidentally sent a text to the wrong person?
Have you ever had a rumor texted about you?
Do you use texting abbreviations *lol, lmfao*..
Has texting ever helped you do something significant?
What network are you on?