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Author: yoliebloop
Created: October 21, 2009
Taken: 54 times
Rated: G

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im all you want,and so is she.

Created by yoliebloop and taken 54 times on Bzoink
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would you ever kiss a girl?
what about date, would you date a girl?
are blondes that hot?
can you remember your 4th grade teacher?
what grade are you currently in?
what do you usually buy/pack for lunch?
do you think soda should be served at school?
why do you think farting is so gross to guys?
is burping gross?
do you stink right now?
ever watched youtube makeup tutorials?
does nasty teeth make you wanna braff?
are butterflies the cutest bug?
what tattoo would you get if you HAD to get one now?
are snakebites sexy? or over talked about?
last thing you chewed?
after kind of gum?
last song you heard?
what are some of the lyrics?
do you like M&M or Lil Wayne more?
what do you think of hilter?
do dogs have feelings?
are you afraid of snakes?
favorite snack?
is koolaid beautiful to you?