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Author: bombchellevox
Created: October 21, 2009
Taken: 197 times
Rated: PG

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Random, Random, and More Random.

Created by bombchellevox and taken 197 times on Bzoink
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[Would you ever cut your hair into a mohawk for one thousand bucks?]
[Who's the last person you rode in a car with?]
[Have you ever been pulled over? For what?]
[Do you know anyone who's vegan?]
[How do you like your eggs?]
[What's one conspiracy theory you agree with?]
[Do you understand why John Lennon was a big deal?]
[Jared Leto: better actor or singer?]
[What's the creepiest children's show you've ever seen?]
[What's the last clothing article you put on?]
[Where do you buy your groceries at?]
[Did you ever have a tamogotchi?]
[Are you a 90's baby?]
[Has anyone ever yelled at you for their position in your top 8?]
[What's the worst food ever?]
[If you owned your own magazine, would you be on the cover every month?]
[Does watching cooking shows make you hungry?]
[How do you feel about guys painting their nails black?]
[Have you ever scared someone so badly that they cried?]
[Do you have any real regrets in life?]
[Have you ever gotten lost driving somewhere?]
[Tell me someone who's always late:]
[Which female singer has the most annoying voice you've ever heard?]
[Write a message to yourself backwards:]
[Do you own anything from a thrift store?]
[When's the last time you wrote someone a note?]
[Have you ever tried origami?]
[Did you ever feed the ducks as a kid?]
[What's your favorite myspace/facebook app?]
[Do you ever read the classifieds?]
[Do you still have a CD player?]
[What's the next song you'll listen to?]
[Country music: yes or no?]
[You're terminally ill, name 3 thing you must do before you pass away:]
[What concert venue do you go to most often?]
[What was the last play you went to?]
[Do your pants have pockets?]
[Did you have a favorite book as a kid? What was it?]
[Do you talk to yourself?]
[Do you hate when death metal bands font is so crazy you cant read the name
[Do you own a pair of those 'toes' socks?]
[Have you ever walked around all day with your fly open?]
[What's the last thing you heard someone say outloud?]
[Would you rather go a week without toilet paper or without showering?]
[When's the next time you have to go to work?]