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Author: sofay
Created: October 20, 2009
Taken: 109 times
Rated: G

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When your love lets you go, you only want love more.

Created by sofay and taken 109 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather...
Eat an apple or an orange?
Be the center of attention or on the sidelines?
Sing or dance?
Be a leader or a follower?
Work on your own or in a group?
Travel by plane or train?
Be a boy or a girl?
Have a baby or get rid of it?
Go on holiday or stay at home?
Stay in education or get a job?
Go scuba diving or sky diving?
Be too hot or too cold?
Direct a movie or star in it?
Be unknown or famous?
Have blonde or brown hair?
Make the joke or laugh at it?
Have neutral or bright walls?
Read or write a book?
Create art or admire it?
Write all in caps or all in lower case?
Download or buy?
See live or watch on Youtube?
Buy or sell?
Be homeschooled or attend non-home schools?
Play an instrument or listen to music?
Cook or eat?
Drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks?
Drink fizzy or non-fizzy drinks?
Live in America or somewhere else?
Travel to space or stay at home?
Be popular or unpopular?
Make something of yourself or not?
Have a teddy bear or a blanket?
Sleep or be awake?
Play video games or watch a movie?
Hug or kiss?
Wear a hat or wear gloves?
Live with your Mum or your Dad?
Write or sing the lyrics?
Help with lighting or sound?
Wear a skirt or trousers (pants)?
Eat chocolate or sour / fruity sweets?
Eat cake or pie?
Tidy up or have a messy house?
Take the picture or be in it?
Be the brains or the brawn?
Take responsibility for your actions or push the blame?
Drive or be driven?
Laugh or cry?
Go to a party or stay at home?
Get drunk or stay sober?
Be tall or short?
Have a disorganised house or a very neat one?
Move out or stay at home?
Go on a cruise or fly to your destination?
Design clothes or buy them?
Have an overactive imagination or no imagination?
Miss some or never meet them?
Contribute or listen?
Be loud or quiet?
Have one pillow or two?
Have a single or a double bed?
Own a car or a motorbike?