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Author: sofay
Created: October 20, 2009
Taken: 159 times
Rated: G

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I am disappointed every morning that I wake up.

Created by sofay and taken 159 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been concussed?
Would you say The Nightmare Before Christmas is more appropriate for...
...Halloween, Christmas or just whenever? xD
Have you ever seen something that wasn't actually there? What?
When do you find your brain is most active / thoughtful?
Do you assume you won't get on with someone because of the things they like
What time did you switch your light off last night?
Did you fall asleep soon after or does it take you hours?
Have you ever started a trend? What was it?
Are you completely disconnected to what's popular nowadays?
What is one trait you look for in potential friends?
How shy would you say you are?
Have you ever wondered what strangers' lives are like?
Who taught you to tie your shoe laces?
Are there any types of people you're intrigued by? Who?
Have you ever argued with a teacher? What about?
Do you get annoyed when you don't understand things?
Is the internet you're using right now wireless?
Do you feel awkward when people you don't know talk like you're bffls? xP
Do you flinch easily?
Have you ever had an alter ego? What were they like?
Why do / don't you like roller coasters?
Have you ever wanted an identical twin?
Do you use a 'baby voice' when you speak to kids or animals?
What does your laugh sound like?
Have you ever been called a Drama Queen? Did you take it as a compliment?XD
Do you already have your life planned out?
Do you eat breakfast in the morning? What do you have?
When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach? Why?
Do you have any special skills? What like?
Tell me a slang word from where you live: (If there is one o.O)
Is there anyone who bugs you, but you don't know why?
When in public, do you talk to random people for fun?
Have you ever been on medication? What for?
Do you customize everything you own?
What pattern / colour is on your favourite shoes?
Have you ever worn something so much it got hole-y?
What noise makes you feel sick? (Fingers on a chalk board, etc)
Would you be embarrassed to let your parents read your text messages?
Do you prefer platonic or romantic relationships?
Would you rather direct or star in a movie?
Are you a member of any clubs? Which ones?
Describe your dream hairstyle :
Do you own anything glow in the dark?
What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?
What's your favourite TV show now?
What's your favourite flavour ice-pop?
Do you prefer odd or even numbers? Do you have a reason why?
Have you ever kept a scrapbook?
How many times have you moved house? Are you happy where you are now?
Have you ever made an animation? What of?
How do you cope with stress?
Do you prefer butter or margarine?