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Author: yoliebloop
Created: October 18, 2009
Taken: 70 times
Rated: PG

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greatest liar ive met.

Created by yoliebloop and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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ever been cheated on?
what about you, have you ever cheated?
is pre-martial sex okay?
honestly, parents are liar. they truly are,
last thing you ate?
coke,pepsi, whats the difference?
are you a good speller, or do you suck like me?
what kind of grades do you have, or had?
what color are your eyes?
which color do you think is more sexy?
are you bisexual?
what do you think of gay rights?
anybody in the room?
last time you itched?
do you snore?
i hope MJ burns in hell, what do you think of that jackass?
Obama lover?
do you think shaq and martha stewart would have sexy babies?
what age do you want to settle down?
Pot should be legal, what do you think?
if you've never smoked pot just keep your mouth shut for the one above.
ever been coughed on?
ever laughed so hard snot came out?
if a girl, have you ever started your pms time and had it bleed through?
is yoshi cute to you?
are your parents embrassing?
what about strict are they trying to make your life for you?
last thing you chewed?
ever farted in class?
do dogs go to heaven?
which do you type more :) or (:
porn is for lonely people,are you a lonely person?
do you have a zit right now?
worst day of the week?
last kiss? was it good?
my boyfriends ex girlfriend has a hairy lip. do you laugh at your bf/gf ex?
prefer dating a virgin? or a guy whos been around?
what about you , do you close your legs or keep them out there?
do you have a bedtime?
rather have messed up teeth or a lazy eye?
is 9:30 a.m. early to you?
do your parents drink?
last person that saw you naked?