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Author: allwrongx
Created: October 7, 2009
Taken: 128 times
Rated: G

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I'm not okay, I promise.

Created by allwrongx and taken 128 times on Bzoink
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Do you know anybody that doesn't believe in ghosts? Aliens?
Have you ever wanted to join the Black Parade? (:
When you work on something, do you usually go for awhile without breaks?
When was the last time that you called somebody an idiot?
Are you a smoker? How did your first smoke turn out?
Have you ever had red paint on you and somebody thought worse had happened?
Do you listen to Taking Back Sunday?
Would you rather take a cruise ship or airplane to get to your distination?
Has anyone ever told you that they wished you would just disapear?
Do you get super excited whenever you see a favorite band of yours on tv?
Have you ever been worried that your best friend was just somebody's fling?
Do you mean something to somebody else?
Classic arguement; Nintendo or Sega? Mario or Sonic?
Did you go to your school's last homecoming? Or are you going?
How old were you when you learned how to snap?
Would you prefer to eat tacos or chili?
What was the last thing that you shook?
Has anyone ever called you headstrong or bullheaded?
Do you think that you could survive a zombie attack?
Have you read the Zombie Survival Guide?
Do you use the word 'hola' on a regular basis?
Do cemetaries in the daytime freak you out?
Can you stand on your head?
If you could travel to some random country which would it be?
What is your favorite song by Papa Roach as of right now?
Do you upload your photos to flickr or photobucket?
Has anybody ever pulled you out of a creek or river?
Would you give the Grinch a hug for saving Whoville?
Are you extremely protective of you iPod/mp3 player.
Have you ever watched Hell's Kitchen? Do you like Chef Ramsey?
"He doesn't look a thing like jesus, but he talks like a gentleman." Song?
Do you chew on your headphones while you listen to your iPod/mp3 player?
Would you lay down in a coffin just for the heck of it?
Do youthink that you could handle being a medical examiner?
Does your English teacher lecture you about things a lot?
Is Law And Order on your top television shows list?
When was the last time that you were around competition?
Have you ever decorated somebody's locker?
If you could own a wonderful bakery, would you?
Is it very windy or rainy where you are right now?
Would you rather name your son Gavin or Bryce?
Is there something on YouTube that you watch everyday?
Do you put your fan inside of your windows during the summertime?
Do you buy generic brand medicine?
Can you tell the difference between generic and brand cereal?