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Author: bombchellevox
Created: October 6, 2009
Taken: 61 times
Rated: G

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Created by bombchellevox and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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[Who was the first person you thought about this morning?]
[Do you hate your job?]
[Is it annoying when people talk when they're in libraries?]
[What's the best kind of bubblegum?]
[Name a restaurant that's not worth the menu prices?]
[Has anyone ever told you that you post too many surveys?]
[Would MTV be a better channel if they played more music?]
[Are shows like Rock of Love and Flavor of Love stupid?]
[What was your favorite cartoon growing up?]
[Would you rather get money or a suprise gift for your b-day?]
[Have you ever been blocked from someone's friend's list?]
[Have you ever made a nickname for yourself?]
[Which part of the newspaper do you read first?]
[Does it make you less of a Christian if you don't go to church?]
[What's your favorite local band?]
[When\'s the last time you fell in public?]
[What\'s one phone number you can\'t live without?]
[Tell me three things you have in your fridge?]
[Are you one of those people who hate to wear socks?]
[If you could date a musician, what would they play?]
[Have you ever hacked someone\'s myspace?]
[Do you call someone by their last name?]
[Do you have any family secrets?]
[Are you currently sick?]
[Are vaccines a waste of money?]
[Would you ever date someone fifty years older than you?]
[The third letter in your middle name is..?]
[What\'s your favorite carnival food?]
[What\'s the last thing you flushed other than toilet paper?]
[When\'s the last time you cut your fingernails?]