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Author: bambo16
Created: October 4, 2009
Taken: 15 times
Rated: PG

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Looong random surveyyy

Created by bambo16 and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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are you in love?
with who?
do you like music?
what kind of music?
do you like lasagna?
what do you think of pickles?
have you had a pet pig?
if yes, why?
if no, WHY NOT?
do you love me?
are you a backstabbing bitch?
can you trust your friends?
have you ever lied?
do you like to dress up as a clown?
is this survey stupid?
if yes, why do you hate my survey?
what do you want to do after high school?
are you bored?
do you like paper?
did you know that paper kills trees???
how old are you?
do you have a lot of friends?
what do you think of obama?
have you ever had a papercut?
have you done the dirty?
are you a freak?
why are you doing this survey?
should i stop with this questioning?
have you smoked weed?
did you know weed makes you retarted?
dont you think its time for you to go to bed?
do you love your parents?
do you believe in god?
do you secretly love you best girl/guy friend?
does he/she love you back?
do you like tom from myspace?
is he on your top friends?
have you lied in this survey?
have you cheated?
do you read?
do you like red?
do you think im weird?
how many pictures do you take of yourself in a week?
are you in love with yourself?
do you love your brothers/sisters best friend?
have you had a dirty dream lately?
do you masturbate when no one is home?
ami annoying?
do you even have siblings?
if yes, how many?
do you think you'll finish this survey?
if you have come this far, are you amazing?
are you conceited?
do you think your better than everyone else?
are you like your mom?
are you like your dad?
is this survey to long?
should i end it now?
ok i wil..i have to make this a question, right? lol