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Author: vanessavandalism
Created: October 3, 2009
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Created by vanessavandalism and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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What is your name?
How Did you discover meez?
Are you HUMAN!?!
Whats your FAVE color?
Second Fave?
What do you think about the color YELLOW?!?!
Did you just toot?
Are you sure?
Whats the date?
Do you have mental-retardation issuse?
Is this quiz a waste of your life?
Would you marry this quiz, if you could?
Do you like Meez?
Are you a pickle?
Do you like pie?
Cream Pie?
Do you like to design your own things such as posters, vases and other art?
What do you like about Meez?
Are you addicted to meez?
I know you are, why did you say know?
Do you love me?
Do you hate me?
Would you like to kill me for asking you all these questions?
Whos your, like, BFF? :]
Am I annoying you?
Whats your # ?
Any meez codes to share?
Would you give a meez code to your BFF for her B-day?
Whats your WORST nightmare?
Do you like pie?
Do you like me?
Am I a weird quiz?
Your a girl?
Your a boy?
What will you do to help the earth?
Whats your FAVE dream?
Why do you like that person in your BIO class?
You know what the end of a shoe lace is called?
Wanna know what the end of a shoe lace is called?
Gimme your # and I'll tell you what the end of a shoe lace is called.
Are you glad there's only one question left?
# please?