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Author: xflirtykaosx
Created: September 15, 2009
Taken: 141 times
Rated: G

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Created by xflirtykaosx and taken 141 times on Bzoink
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Z o o s
What's the first animal you go to see at the zoo?
Which animal[s] don't you ever go to see at the zoos?
What's the strangest or rarest creature you've seen at a zoo?
What animal is at a zoo that really, in your opinion, shouldn't be?
Have you ever been to a zoo with an aquarium/water creature section?
Do you like zoos or aren't you bothered?
Y e s O r N o
I offer you a cigarette, you say...
I offer to buy you an alcoholic drink and you reply...
I have some Weed, do you want any?
Got some harder stuff too. Interested?
I offer you $5,0000 to kill a world leader. What's your response?
You sleep with me and I'll get you a record/modeling deal. Yes or No?
If you commited a smaller crime and accompanied another who done worse -
If you tell the police information/the dirty on the other you free. How do?
W h e n . . .
Did you last cry?
Do you normally laugh the most?
Do you forget things more?
Do you usually get up during the weekend?
Do you usually go to bed during the week?
Did you last forget something important?
Do you feel the most secure?
Do you ask for advice?
W h y . . .
Do you think you see the world the way you do?
Do you think you were put on this earth?
Do you favour your favourite colour?
Do you like the clothes you are wearing?
Do you lose your temper at people?
Can or can'l people empathise with others?
W h e r e . . .
Do your grandparents live?
Do you want to visit this year?
Do you feel the most complete?
Did you go yesterday?
Can you go when you're in trouble?
Does your best friend live?
W h o . . .
Could you tell anything to?
Has hurt you the most in life so far?
Has made you laugh in the last 24 hours?
Has made you question something in the last week?
Do you think, outside family, has made the biggest impact on your life?
Never fails to cheer you up?
Gets on your nerves the most?
W h a t . . .
Age do you wish you were?
Colour is the nearest book to you?
Memory sticks out the most?
Subject did you dislike in school?
Dish/meal would you like to eat right now?
Sense of yours is the strongest?
Book has impacted you on an emotional/psychological level?
Word do you always misspell?
Decade were you born in?
V i o l e n c e
Is it ever okay to hit a child? When is this?
Do you think violence is a hug problem in the world?
Are you afraid of going out at night incase you get attacked?
Do you live in an area with a reputation of being violent?
Do you think violence is appropriate when someone gives you verbal abuse?
Someone hits you, what do you do?
Have you ever been "beaten up"? Did you report it?
Do you think violence in rap music influences the nation to violent acts?
If so, list a few songs you feel show an example of this:
Do you think violence in video/computer games influences the nation also?
If so, list a few games that you feel show an example of this:
Do you think that violence in films influences the nation? Example[s]?
U n d e r n e a t h I t A l l
Do you truly think you are better than someone else?
Is there something you fear above anything else? What is it?
Are you in any shape or form, racist?
Are you in any shape or form, sexist?
Are you discriminative in any other way? Elaborate.
Can you honestly say you've got a good heart and mean well?
Are you more selfish or selfless?
Do you believe you make life what it is?
Is there someone you truly hate? Why do you hate them?
Do you feel comfortable around the opposite sex? How about the same sex?
Do you consider yourself wise/intelligent/knowledgeable?
Do you respect other peoples choices/right to freedom of speech?
Are you afraid of getting older?
Do you know what drives you in this world?
Can you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?
Are you a children/animal/people person, or not at all?
Do you have any hormone problems? How do there affect you?
Do you take things people say on a personal level?
T r a v e l
Have you ever been to England, if don't live their?
Any other part of the UK?
Have you been to more than 5 US States if live in the US?
Have you visited any country in Africa? Name the ones you've been to?
Have you visited any country in Australasia? Name the ones you've been to?
Have you visited any country in Europe? Name the ones you've been to?
Have you visited any country in Asia? Name the places you've been to?
Have you visited North/South America? Name the places you've been?
Do you like travelling? Where is the best place you've been?
The worst place visited?
Do you prefer to backpack, stay in a hotel, a cabin or summerhouse?
Who do you normally take with you travelling?
T e c h n o l o g y
Do you own a laptop computer?
Nintendo DS?
Playstation 2?
House Phone?
What's your favourite form of technology?
Do you have Bluetooth or any of your devices?
Wireless connections on your PC and/or laptop?
Coloured or black and white ink in printer?
Do you spend a lot of money on Technology?
Do you understand basic technological language?
T e l e v i s i o n
What's your favourite show?
What's your favourite type of show [soap, talk show]?
What about your list favourite show?
Least favourite type of show?
Why don't you like the above type of show?
Did/do you watch friends? What's your opinion?
Did/do you watch Smallville? Verdict?
Did/do you watch Family Guy? Verdict?
What's your favourite talent show?
What's your favourite sitcom?
What do you refuse to even bother watching?
What TV package do you have?
How many channels do you have?
Do you subscribe to any packages? Which types?
Do you prefer TV, films or radio?
T h e E n d
How do you think the world will end?
How far away do you think that will be?
Do you see tragedy in the near future?
T h o u g h t P o v o k i n g
Do you believe in aliens?
What do you think the world would be like now if Germany won WWII?
Can you imagine a world without music?
What colour would you paint the stars if you could?
If you were a superhero, what would you call yourself?
What natural phenomenon do you find the most beautiful?
What age do you think you are old enough to vote?
Does the characteristics of your starsign reflect you?
Do you cry usually because you feel hurt, confused, happy or angry?
Would you kill someone who killed a child?
How about YOUR child?
Does learning someone is a different religion to you change your opinions?
What is the most beautiful word in the English language?
What emotion do you feel the strongest right now?
The last film you watched - how did it leave you feeling?
Love of a Partner or a true friendship?
Part One Done. Part 2 of 10 Next!
Rate from 1-100:
How's your day been? I hope at very least, bearable?
x, See You Next Time. x