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Author: krissymcx96
Created: September 14, 2009
Taken: 176 times
Rated: PG

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Random, Pointless Questions

Created by krissymcx96 and taken 176 times on Bzoink
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Let The Randomness BEGIN!
Have you ever made a homeade pizza?
Can you play both the treble and bass parts on a piano?
Do your little sister's jeans look great on you, by the way?
Have you ever/ do you have an eating disorder?
Have you ever dyed your hair?
Do you make good girls go bad?
Have you ever watched the VMAs?
Do you think Lady Gaga wears crazy outfits for attention?
Do you have a digital camera?
Have you ever stuck your finger in an outlet?
Do you have highlights?
Does your computer have a cordless mouse?
Do you have a pet fat cat?
Have you ever tried to bite your toenails like you would with fingernails?
Do you have a black dog?
Have you ever had a black dog?
Do you have 3 black dogs?
Do you have 3 dogs?
Do you still play Pokemon games?
Do you have Hippopotomonstorsesquippedaliphobia?
I'm sorry, I got scared, did you?
Does your printer have ink?
Has your cat ever sat on your keyboard?
Will you marry me?
If you said yes, por que?
Did you need a translater to figure out what I just said?
Did you know it's Spanish?
Did you know it means why?
Por wue did/ didn't you know that?
Should I ask better questions?
Por que?
If you said no, too bad. How does that make you feel?
Are you using a labtop right now?
Is there a writing utensil on the floor near your feet?
How old are you?
Do you play a fretless string instrument?
Have you ever been in a Smart Car?
Do your friends call you blonde?
What about an idiot?
Do you say you're fat when you really aren't?
Are you a pessimist?
An optimist?
An optimistic pessimist?
Is/ Are there any framed photo(s) of you in your house?
Do you shop at Zumies?
Hot Topic?
Do you think the letter 'Q' is stupid?
Does any part of your name (1st, middle, last) begin with an A?
Did I guess it right?
YESSS!!!! I'm skilled, aren't I?
We're nearing the end... How sad!
Did you like this survey?
Was it rad?
Was is 9 rad?
Was it one of the stupidest surveys you've ever taken?
Guess what? I LIED!! There's much more randomness!
Are you mad at me now?
Does it look like the the clicker on your screen is moving when it's not?
Are you signed in to AIM?
Have you ever made a blog through Wordpress?
Turn around. What's the 1st thing you see when you stop?
Is this thing important to you?
How big is the nearest TV?
Do you prefer mechanical pencils?
Are you in a carpeted room?
Do you make smileys with '=' or ':' for the eyes?
Do you know how to make an emo-haired smiley?
Show me.
You make it like this: //_^
Did you have to look at the last question to know how to make it?
Is it cute?
Am I cute?
If you said yes, do you even know me?
Do you like classic or new Mario games?
Do you drop your cell phone a lot?
Do you think Santa is sexy?
Do you like to kayak?
What about canoe?
Have you ever been on a pontoon?
What about a raft?
Do you often say your mom?
Have you tried anythig off of Taco Bell's volcano menu?
Did you like it/ Do you want to?
Do you own any zebra print skinny jeans?
What about leopard?
Paint splattered?
Do you even wear skinny jeans?
Is there are guitar pick anywhere near you?
Are there any diapers/ pull-ups in your house?
Are hot wings yummy?
Do you liek them with or without bones?
Do you like the smell of Yanke Candle candles?
Do you have Facebook bookmarked?
What about Myspace?
It's the fear of long words. Happy now?
Do you use online banking?
What grade did you first do algebra in?
Did you graduate from High School?
Have/Are you going to college?
Do your pencils have #2 lead?
What's your middle initials(s)?
Do you have the initials of a brand name (KFC, BMW, ect...)
Do you play the guitar?
Do you have a flip phone?
Slide phone?
Touch screen phone?
Full keyboard phone?
Have you ever played Waka-Waka?
Have you ever gotten to level 7 if you have played it?
Do you like classic arcade games?
Do you like The Used?
What about Paramore?
All Time Low?
Do you know what band Ian Watkins is from?
How many USB ports does your computer have?
Do neon colors attract your eyes?
Do you run for fun?
Where were you April 17th, 1996?
Did you know that's my birthday?
Will you wish me a happy birthday?
Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?
Are there any streets in your town with the same name as you?
Have you ever been to California?
Have you had unprotected sex yet?
How many tabs are open in your internet browser?
What's your name?
This quiz will be more than 300 questions. Will you continue?
Have you ever drove a dirtbike?
Do you have any relatives from Japan?
Como te amos?
What is your name?
Do you realize I just asked the same question twice?
Donde esta tu madre?
Where is your mother?
I just asked the same question again. Are you aware of this?
Is grey boring?
What about brown?
Are you a victim of self-injury?
Do you tend to use the word WAAAAAHH! in conversations?
Do you miss Michael Jackson?
Did you even care about him before he died?
Do you like the album artwork for Artwork?
Confused with that last question?
Google search it. Do you like it?
Do you like Greenday?
Then you must like marijuana.
Greenday is named that because of their support for it, so you like it too!
Guitar Hero or Rock Band?
Do you like the Saw movies?
Older Halloween movies or Rob Zombie versions?
What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
Do you think Oscar Meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A?
Have you seen Adventureland?
Was it good/ Do you want to?
Do you have dish or cable?
Do you have more than 100 channels?
Are you afraid of the number 666?
Do you have Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?
I just asked the same question, did you realize that?
Are you listening to music?
Watching TV?
Doing this survey?
Do you like Billie Joe Armstrong's new hair?
Do you think Craig Owens has a good screamo voice?
Is chekerboard "cool"?
What about bright skinny jeans?
What's your AIM screen name?
Did you really just give that out?
What if there's a creeper on your myspace?
What is your name?
Do you dislike it?
Do you read AP?
Do you listen to music just because it's on the radio?
Did you read Twilight just because it was made into a movie?
Do you like rap music?
Do you cross out passed dates on calendars?
Do you watch George Lopez?
Family Guy?
Does country music make you puke inside?
Is there a candle next to you?
Do you think shirtless dudes/ girls in bikinis at the beach are hot?
Does your crush have a girlfriend?
Does your boyfriend have a girlfriend?
Are you getting tired of this survey?
Have you ever used LimeWire?
Do you have an iPod? Or a different brand MP3
Does your phone say letters out loud?
Did you know LimeWire is illegal?
If you used it, YOU ARE SO BUSTED!!! Are you scared you'll get arrested?
Por que?
Remember what that means?
What does it mean?
Do you know your enemy?
Do you watch TV shows with huuuggee families?
I LOVE YOU! What is your response?
Do you have a pool?
What about a hot tub?
What version of AIM do you have?
What's your cell #?
Wow, did you honestly just gimme your number?
Will you be my friend?
Are you kinky?
Have your friends ever prank I/Med you?
Have you ever prank I/Med anyone?
Can your phone make slideshows?
Mine can. Are you jealous?
Do you want my number?
Well you're not getting it!
Have you ever been to Shaw's while I/Ming someone with the last name Shaw?
Do you smoke?
Have you quit smoking?
Do you support To Write Love On Her Arms?
What's your favorite clothing store?
Does your iPod have more than 700 songs?
Where did you get the socks you're wearing?
What is your perfect haircut?
Would you rob Bill Gates if you got the chance to?
Do you hate Beatles Rock Band?
What about Guitar Hero 5?
Can you play any instrument on expert?
Can you play an instrument in real life?
What does 2+2=?
7? You said 7? Okay, thanks for the help.
*Tomorrow* I GOT 2+2 WRONG!! #$%@ YOU!! Your response?
Are the lights on in your room?
Do you attend school dances?
Did you drop out of school?
Why is the world round?
Have you ever written a play?
Do you have to use the bathroom?
Was 9/11 terrible?
Do you wera glasses?
Are you allowed to cook?
Do you do your own laundry?
Do you have any notifications on Facebook?
On Myspace?
Do you have a P.O. Box?
Do you have your own band?
Do you believe in 2012?
Do you even know what's going on in 2012?
Touch your nose. Did you listen to me?
Now touch your toes. Did you?
You're lying! I can see you!
Are you invisible?
Can you see your face?
Then you must be invisible! Amazed?
What comes to mind when i type these 3 letters: unt?
Are you pregnant?
Are you on birth control?
Do you have irregular periods?
Are you sad?
Are you mad?
Are you glad this survey is over?
Will you now do something productive?
Will you be getting off your butt anytime soon?
Are you going to sleep any time soon?
Are you at work right now?
Why did you take this survey?
Are you bored?
Are you African-American?
Do you have a check book?
Will you destroy me?
What if i destroy you?
What if i destroy me?
What if you destroy you?
LAST QUESTION: What is your name?