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Author: kaybee-x18
Created: September 12, 2009
Taken: 312 times
Rated: PG

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Oh so Random! :)

Created by kaybee-x18 and taken 312 times on Bzoink
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Would you marry the last person you kissed?
Are you afraid of karma?
Do you miss any of your ex's?
Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
Did you meet anybody new within the last week?
Who was the last person to grab your butt?
Have you had sex the past 24 hours?
Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
What religion are you?
Have you cried today at all?
Do you tend to hold grudges?
Have you ever broken anyones heart?
Have you ever kissed an ex after you two have broken up?
Do you know any guys that are bisexual?
Has anyone ever cheated on their boyfriend/girlfriend with you?
Who's the last person that you insulted?
Has anyone ever tried to shove their religion down your throat?
Who was the last person that you gave your phone number to?
Who's the last person that said you were weird?
What clothing style do you prefer on the opposite sex?
Do you have any scars on your face?
Are you single or taken?
Would you rather go to a tropical island or a european country?
If your boyfriend/girlfriend ever hit you, would you dump them?
Do you miss anyone from your past?
Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with an A?
Have any of your friends ever stolen money from you?
Do you know a guy with a tongue piercing?
When did your last breakup happen?
How many sisters do you have?
What was the last thing you and your best friend argued about?
Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
Do you go to tanning salons?
Do you have any black and white pictures on your myspace?
Do you think glasses are sexy?
Is there someone you wanna date right now?
What city were you born in?
Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Do you have any pets?
Do you love the last person you texted?
Who's #1 on your top?
Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
Who was the last person you were mad at?
Is your best friend pretty?
Are you still in love with one of your ex's?
Does anyone in your family have a mental illness?
Did you stand on your tippy-toes when you had your last kiss?
Have you ever held anyone's hand while walking down the beach?
When was the last time you were drunk?
Has anyone ever made you feel like you weren't good enough for them?
Do you think you are a good person?
Do you hate anyone?
What was the last compliment you recieved?
Have you ever had sex while drunk?
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Would you ever date someone who is blind or deaf?
When was the last time someone asked you out?
Have you ever been friends with benefits with someone?
Do you have any gay friends?
Who's your celebrity crush?
Who is the last person you IMed?
Which one of your friends skipped school the most?
What color are your eyes?
Who is the last person that made you laugh?
Are you a big flirt?
What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were mad?
Is your belly pierced?
Ever made out in a pool?
Are you emo?
Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair?
Who was the last person you kissed?
How old was your mom when she got pregnant with you?
Have you ever thrown your cell phone across the room?
Are you open about​ your feeli​ngs,​​​​
Who's the last person you blocked on Myspace?
Do you know anyone that owns a Girls Gone Wild DVD?
Would you ever kill someone?
Who is your best friend?
What's the best prank you ever did on someone?
Who was the last person that said they loved you?
Have you ever regretted kissing someone?
Are you happy at this moment?
Who's the last person that called you a bitch?
Do you like school?
Have you ever been to a strip club?
Your ex is driving next to you, what do you do?
Who did you last cry in front of?
Have you ever been robbed?
What's the last book you read?
Are you mad at anyone right now?
What was the last song that was stuck in your head?
Have you ever tripped in front of someone you liked?
Who was the last person to tell you a secret?
Who was the last person you hugged?