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Author: spiritt
Created: August 28, 2009
Taken: 193 times
Rated: PG

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you keep me awake with your white lily smile

Created by spiritt and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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How's your day going?
What shape is your face?
What sort of computer are you on right now?
What's your favorite restaurant?
What does your umbrella look like?
Do you share a room with anyone?
Are you superstitious?
Do you believe in astrology?
Take the vowels out of your name. What does it spell?
Do you eat breakfast every day?
You can go back in time and slap one historical figure in the face. Who?
Do you have socks on? Describe them.
Pick up your cell phone for a second. Who's your first text from?
Fourth missed call?
Are you one of those people who has like a hundred apps on their phone?
Have you ever been to the ballet?
Do you have good reflexes?
Do you have many internet friends?
Do you think those friendships are on level with your real life ones?
Do you keep a journal?
Describe for me your ideal sandwich.
What are some names that you like?
Is there something you're putting off doing in favor of this survey?
Are your friends generally like you or different from you?
Link me to a picture you think is cute.
Do you like blowing bubbles?
What's the band that you love even though you know they're awful?
Ever had a pillow fight?
What do you usually pick in truth or dare?
Are you better at posing good questions or coming up with outrageous dares
Vinyl, cassette, CD or MP3?
Do you coo over other people's babies?
What is something that makes you very squeamish?
Do you try those as-seen-on-TV things?
Has there been a celebrity death that really affected you?
Do you get the dressing on the salad or on the side?
Do you make lists, or are you more of an unplanned person?
If you're out of high school, have you stayed in touch with your...
...high school friends? If you're still in school, do you think you will?
Is there something you like to eat that most people think is gross?
Do you have a lot of photographs of your friends?
Do you dye your hair regularly?
Do you think, if it came down to it, that you'd be able to kill someone?
Are you good at rating things?
What's a movie that you want to see?
What was the name of your third grade teacher?
Are you a competitive person?
Do you get into a lot of arguments?
Do you like to go shopping?
Can you knit?
Do you use the same username everywhere online or do you have a lot?
What's something that you really like about yourself?
Can you pass for older than you are?
Have you ever been in a situation where that was necessary?
Do you talk a lot?
Are you a Facebook creeper?
What is a smell that you hate?
If you don't set your alarm clock or anything, when will you wake up?
Do you even use an alarm clock, or do you just use your phone?
Do you have a ringback tone?
Do you watch Maury or Steve Wilkos or anything like that?
What did you get your best friend for their last birthday?
What did they get you for yours?
Are you capable of finishing a game of Monopoly?
What is a word or phrase that you overuse?
What's your favorite painting?
Have you ever written to your congressman?
Did you get sent those free AOL discs a lot?
Are you allergic to anything?
What are you going to do now that you're finished with this survey?