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Author: xloserxkiwixx
Created: August 27, 2009
Taken: 89 times
Rated: PG

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xA Memory Formed That I Could Never Repeat

Created by xloserxkiwixx and taken 89 times on Bzoink
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ever played kingdom hearts?
what game platforms do you have?
ever watched wrestlemania?
home school or regular?
do you own a pair of big sunglasses?
what about those sunglasses with the slits in them?
you're at a bar/club, do you buy your own drinks?
how many magazines do you own?
is mental abuse worse than physical? or does it come down to the same?
have you ever written a story?
did you let other people read it/is it posted somewhere?
what state/country/province/ect do you live in?
where would you prefer to live?
ever been to california?
what do you think about now & laters?
what do you collect?
itunes or cds?
what's the last series of books that you read?
what about just the last book?
febreeze or glade?
do any of your household's cars not have air conditioning?
does it annoy you to have the window down?
do you care if people smoke in the car?
do you know who sings the song ma poubelle?
have you ever had a celebrity crush that didn't speak your language well?
did you try to learn their language?
dear dakota or eye alaska?
fearless records or popsicle records?
name someone signed to geffen records.
Can you tell me how it feels?