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About This Survey

Author: toriiasdfg
Created: August 27, 2009
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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about you  

About You.

Created by toriiasdfg and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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Your name is?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
Favorite color?
Favorite animal?
Favorite food?
Are spaghetti and spaghetti-o's the same?
Are you in a relationship?
Tell me about him/her.
Are you honestly IN LOVE with them?
Do you think you're meant for each other?
Who's your number one?
Are they special? If so, how?
Anyways, what color is your hair?
Is it your natural color?
If not, what's your natural color?
Have you changed, looks wise, within the past year?
Are you proud of who you are today?
Anything that you want?
What's your opinion on high heels?
Is it "falling head over hills"? Or "Falling head over heels"?
Are you a grammar freak?
Who is the best friend you've ever had? Why?
Are you popular at school?
Do you keep your internet lives and real lives seperate?
What's your favorite television show?
How many hours a day do you watch tv?
How many hours a day are you online?
Do you have myspace?
What about facebook?
Who was the last:
Person you kissed?
Person you talked to?
Person you rode in a car with?
Person that yelled at you?
Person you i.m'ed?
Person you called?
Person that called you?
A few last questions.
Do you have your future all planned out?
Did you like this survey?
Was it too short?
Was it different from other surveys you have taken?
Blahblahblah I'm out of questions.
Do you like cheese?!