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Author: mcdonaldsislove
Created: August 26, 2009
Taken: 48 times
Rated: G

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And all these things running through my mind, confusing me everytime, cause you aint really mine.

Created by mcdonaldsislove and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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Love Life/Your Crush.
do you like someone?
If so..
does he know it?
does he like you back?
are you dating?
how old is he?
does he go to your school?
do you think you'd make a good couple?
do any of you friends know you like ihm?
when did you realize you liked him?
are you close?
why do you like him?
whats his initials?
does he live near you?
what music stereotype would you follow under? i.e ghetto, metal-head, emo..
what genre(s) do you prefer?
favourite band(s)?
favourite artist(s)?
favourite songs atm?
what genre do you dispise most?
do your friends like your music preferance?
are there any artists/bands you miss?
what cd did you last purchase?
is there a cd you can not wait to get released?
where do you buy your cds?
do you even buy cds?
what are your plans for tomorrow?
whens you birthday?
what do you think of sun flower seeds?
do you miss anyone?
tv or movies?
are you currently hungry?
write an extremely random statement;
is your room clean?
do you keep a journal?
is there anything you want to buy?
whats bothering you?
are you tired?
whats your favourite melon?
have you ever had/have/need braces?
pens or pencils?
movie theater or at home?