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Author: tnbm666
Created: August 22, 2009
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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Lalalalala..im boooredd

Created by tnbm666 and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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what were you doing 4 hours ago?
what are you listening to right now?
whens the last time u hugged someone? and who was it?
Do u listen to bands such as Children of bodom?or know anyone who does
What is your name? are u happy with it?
When was the last time u kissed someone?
Do u or any of your friends have boyfriends?
last time u were at the mall? and why were u there?
are u good in school?
Can u do push ups?
do u ever change for gym class?
What zodiac sign are you?
what are u doing right now?
are u having fun?
do u have snakebites? or do u kno anyone who does? cuz i think they are hot
What would u do if your ex asked u out again?
what if a the love of ur life put their arm round u and made out with u?
How do u act when ur high? or how do u think you'd act?
Do u like guys that have super long hair and wear eyeliner?
how are you right now?
are u with anyone?
who are u talking to??
who was the last person that called u?
do u think making out with a tongue ring is fun? or looks fun?
Do u like a band called Dark funeral?
Do u think ppl that typ3 lyke dis 1s ann0ying??
do u smoke? or do any of ur friends smoke? or used to?
what do u think bout the Jonas bros?..i say Fuck em..the fucking lil fags!!
What time is it now?
who's bed did u last sleep in? was there any action? ;) *jokes*
Have u ever given or recieved a BJ??
have u ever made out with the same sex?
ever kicked a guy right where it hurts?
have u ever been to a metal concert?..or goin to one..if so which one?
Coke or pepsi?
Beer or liquor?
kisses or hugs??
did u think this survey was a waste?