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Author: melissa526
Created: August 19, 2009
Taken: 55 times
Rated: G

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& thats why that is that.

Created by melissa526 and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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helloo. whats your name?
are you single or taken?
do you like it?
have you ever walked up to some random guy and said hi?
are you shy or can you talk to anyone?
what is your IQ, if you know?
do you like spaghetti?
well if you dont, you're weird.
just kidding. :) soo how are you?
do you have a crush on someone?
do they like you back?
where is your mom right now?
what about your dad?
are they even still together.
do you watch ICarly?
have you ever fixed dinner for your family?
you like mashed potatoes?
is your favorite color blue?
do you have a favorite color anyways?
name it, if there is more then one, name all!!
are you bored?
so thats why you are taking this?
have you tooken any of my surveys before?
well if you havent, you need too. and if you have, keep taking them! (:
ok well i cant think of anything else....can you?
do you want this to quit.
do you like coke or pepsi?
what is the time?
alright, goodbye.