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Author: kylita
Created: August 18, 2009
Taken: 18 times
Rated: PG

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Pulling a piano from a pond

Created by kylita and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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Hello, how are you
Do you like wearing lots of colors, sticking out?
would you dye your skin blue?
What would you do if you owned a magic carpet?
Do you like screamo?
how about country?
Favorite type of Ice cream?
Emo boys or preppy boys?
Are you gangsta?
Have you yelled random things in walmart?
do you cuss?
are you religious?
Know who Chiodos is?
If so, do you like them?
Do you like anime?
doyou knowwhat anime is?
Myspace or facebook addict?
what would you do if you met the Jonas brothers?
view on rainbow socks?
Tea or coffee?
shampoo you use?
school or work?
do you draw?
am I getting annoying?
do you need a shrink?
if so why?
love or lust?
Barney or teletubbies?
barbie or bratz?
do you like life?
are you afraid to die?
do you like apples?
are you a twilight clone?
Do you say 'ftw' all the time?
pop tarts or toaster struddles?
do you like to read?
favorite book?
cute smile or sexy eyes?
pinkand black stripes or black and red checkers?
plaid or solid?
can you tell I am running out of questions?
fluffy coats or light hoodies?
vampires or were wolves?
how would you attack someone with your clothes?
how was the quiz?