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Author: velociraptor
Created: August 17, 2009
Taken: 116 times
Rated: G

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Your ten favorite movies.

Created by velociraptor and taken 116 times on Bzoink
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Movie number one:
1) Who's the main actor?
2) When'd it come out?
3) What's the genre?
4) Do you know where it was filmed at?
5) How old were you when you saw it?
Movie number two:
1) Who's an actress in this movie?
2) Out of 10 stars you'd give it?
3) Did it have a surprise ending?
4) How long was it?
5) Did you first see it in theatres?
Movie number three:
1) What's this movie rated?
2) Did critics approve of it?
3) Who were you with when you saw it?
4) Did this movie make you cry?
5) Who are five actors/actresses in this movie?
Movie number four:
1) Is the main actor your favorite actor?
2) Do you know how old he is?
3) Did this movie make you laugh?
4) Last time you watched it?
5) Are you the appropiate age to see it by yourself?
Movie number five:
1) What made you mad about this movie?
2) Was it based on a true story?
3) Do you wish it was real in any way?
4) So what's it about, anyways?
5) Did they make a video game out of this movie?
Movie number six:
1) Did this movie bore you at any time?
2) Was there a kiss scene?
3) Who was the protagonist (main character)?
4) Have you seen this movie more than once?
5) Last time you saw it?
Movie number seven:
1) What is this movie's genre?
2) Are there any kid actors in this movie?
3) Where did it all take place?
4) Who was the biggest star in the movie?
5) What year did it come out?
Movie number eight:
1) Main actor and/or actress?
2) Is this a one-time only movie?
3) Is it a sequel to anything?
4) How much money did it make?
5) Favorite part?
Movie number nine:
1) When did you first see this movie?
2) Did it take a second time for you to like it?
3) Does it have a happy ending?
4) Who would you recommend it to?
5) What's its theme song?
Movie number ten:
1) Do you still have the movie ticket?
2) Favorite part?
3) Were there any songs you knew in this movie?
4) A quote from this movie:
5) Were the main actors/actresses a perfect match or not so much?
Random Questions
1) Which one have you seen most on DVD?
2) Which one have you seen most in theatres?
3) Did your parents like any of them?
4) Which one did you see with your best friend?
5) Would you see #1 again?
6) Is #4 a movie you can only watch every once in a while?
7) Was #5 hard to understand?
8) Did you see #2 the day it came out?
9) Do you have #3's movie ticket still?
10) Are there any sequels to these movies coming out?
11) Does your best friend like #9?
12) Did #10 have horrible special effects?
13) Who directed #6?
14) Did #8 scare you?
15) Does #7 have a better effect at night?