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Author: vintagekid
Created: August 17, 2009
Taken: 56 times
Rated: G

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Your Opinion On The World!

Created by vintagekid and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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Your name, please?
Let's begin...
What political party do you associate with?
Is it the party you were raised to associate with?
Does your religion influence your political opinions?
What exactly is your religion anyway?
Your opinion on...
Gay Marriage?
The "War on Terror"?
Your current president/prime minister?
The economic climate?
Drug legalization?
The media?
Nuclear weapons?
The Iranian protests?
Religion in school?
Socialized medicine?
School uniforms?
Now for some random questions...
What was/will be the first election you did/can vote in?
Are you concerned about the current world?
Do you really care about the starving children in Africa?
Do you agree that kids these days will grow up without tradition?
What's your stance on illegal immigration?
You know global warming is real, right?
Do you think the world'll end in 2012?
How often do you watch the local news?
International news?
Do you enjoy political debating?
Would you be president/prime minister if you got offered the job?