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Author: daizy62
Created: August 16, 2009
Taken: 145 times
Rated: PG

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Par alfabçta

Created by daizy62 and taken 145 times on Bzoink
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~Alphabetically Speaking...Finding Out About You~
Is your birthday before August?
Are you an Aries?
Would you consider yourself Artistic?
Are you a Brunette?
Do you have Blue eyes?
Your Best friend?
What is your favorite Channel on tv?
Have you ever been to Chicago,IL?
Do you have a Crush on anyone?
Where is your Dad right now?
Are your parents Divorced?
Do you have your Driver's license?
What did you last Eat?
How many piercings do you have in your Ears?
Is it past Eleven o'clock am?
Who was your First friend?
Who was your First Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Where was your last airplane Flight to?
Are you a Gemini?
Have you ever been to Germany?
How many of your Grandparents are still living?
Are you in High School?
What is your favorite Holiday?
What do you Hear right now?
What is your favorite flavor of Ice cream?
Have you ever been Ice skating?
Can you play any Instruments?
Does your name begin with J?
Does your birthday fall in the months of January, June, or July?
Do you know anyone who speaks Japanese?
Do you regret your last Kiss?
Do you have any Kids?
Have you ever taken a Karate class?
Who was the last person to tell you 'I Love you'?
Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?
When was the last time you went to a Library?
What is your Middle name?
How old is your Mother?
What is your favorite kind of Music?
What are the last 4 digits of your phone Number?
What does your Name mean?
Do you have any Nieces or Nephews?
Do you live on your Own?
Are your the Oldest child?
Do you know anyone who lives in Oregon?
What are your Parent's names?
Do you have any Pets?
Do you have any Polish ancestry?
Have you ever been to Quebec?
A Quote you like:
Do you ever eat at Quizno's?
When was the last time you saw a Rainbow?
Are you a Redhead?
What was the last book your Read?
When was the last time you Slept in someone else's bed?
Are you a Scorpio?
Would you consider yourself a Shy person?
How many Tattoos do you have?
Are you a Twin?
Do you like Techno?
Do you own an Umbrella?
Are you Under 21?
Have you ever been to Utah?
Are you a Virgin?
Have you ever been to Vatican City?
Where did you last go on Vacation?
How many Windows are in the room you're in?
What are you Wearing?
Can you Whistle?
How many X-rays have you had in the last 2 years?
Are you on good terms with your last Ex?
Do you own an Xbox?
Who is the Youngest person living in the same household as you?
Are you wearing anything Yellow?
Are you Younger then the last person you kissed?
When was the last time you visit the Zoo?
How many Zippers are on the clothing your wearing?
What is your Zipcode?