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Author: vintagekid
Created: August 16, 2009
Taken: 205 times
Rated: G

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A Music Shuffle Survey For The Bored

Created by vintagekid and taken 205 times on Bzoink
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Fill in the first line of lyrics for this survey :)
Your name is?
Your status?
What's the best thing about you?
What's your life like?
What do you REALLY think of your friends?
What about your worst enemy?
If your live was a film, what would think about...
Your birth?
Learning to be a human?
Starting Kindergarten?
Your first crush?
Your first best friend?
Your first hard lesson learned?
Graduating onto middle school?
Dramatic times?
Your first boyfriend/girflriend?
First kiss?
High School?
First breakup?
Finding true love?
Getting married?
Having kids?
Your job?
Mid-Life Crisis?
Kids leaving home?
Getting older?
Being put in the hospital?
The Afterlife?
Write down the first 10 artists that come up.
Okay, so--
How long have you liked no. 6?
What's your least favourite thing about no.10?
Do you like the genre no.4 is in?
Which of the ten inspires you most?
Is no.1 a band you just can't get enough of?
No.2; can you sing along to their songs?
What does no.7 make you think of?
What about no.3?
Now, turn your player off shuffle and answer away!
What is your favourite band?
What song has the best lyrics, in your opinion?
What songs can make you cry?
Is there a song that always makes you happy?
Which musician do you secretly want to kidnap and marry?
What is your favourite band from the country you come from?
Do you and your friends have similar music tastes?
Ever listened to an actual record?
How many CD's do you own?
Do you download your music?
What's your favourite song?