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Author: vintagekid
Created: August 16, 2009
Taken: 170 times
Rated: G

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The Coolest Survey Since Sliced Bread.

Created by vintagekid and taken 170 times on Bzoink
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What is your least favourite thing about your full name?
How good is your grammar?
Do you like the age you are?
Music. It's amazing. Do you agree?
What's your favourite kind of poptart?
Do you like sunglasses?
Do you think dreams can give us insight to things?
Have any cheesy kids songs memorized?
Besides your computer, what else is cluttering your desk?
Why is your worst enemy your worst?
What does your dad do?
How late do you usually stay up?
The political spectrum. Where do you fall?
Do those commercials from the ASPCA make you cry?
When was the last time you visted a nail salon?
You realize the title is sarcastic, right?
What IS the coolest thing since sliced bread?
What was the last thing you used sliced bread to make?
If you had to eat one type (Chinese, etc.) of food which would it be?
Enough about food. Have you used wikipedia for a school report?
What is your favourite glass to drink from?
When did your family immigrate to wherever you live now?
What does your room look like when you sleep?
What tabs are open on your computer?
Are your fingers long, or short?
Reality TV: Love it, or hate it?
What time is it in the country you get the most of your heratige from?
Do you use a topsheet?
How often do you engage in illegal behavior?
Who is your favourite comedian?
Do people say you have an accent?
Could you tell me what the capital of Bosnia is without looking it up?
AOL: Do you use it?
Do you find Family Guy's cutaway scenes funny, or annoying?
What colours are on your current shirt?
How many children do you want/have?
Would you rather live in this decade, the 1960's, or the 1910's?
How paranoid are you?
Is the computer your only current light source?
How many misquito bites do you have?
What lyrics mean the most to you?
Is there a celebrity you are just DETERMINED to marry?
The most classic question since Pepsi vs. Coke: Facebook vs. Myspace?
Now for: Pepsi vs. Coke?
Do you think you look good with a hat on?