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Author: xxcerealkiller13xx
Created: August 16, 2009
Taken: 129 times
Rated: G

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Just look on the brightside-you're roughly six feet tall.

Created by xxcerealkiller13xx and taken 129 times on Bzoink
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Are you bored? :)
What are your plans for next week, if any?
Are you excited for school to start?
How do you feel about Michael Jackson dying?
Have you ever seen The Mighty Boosh?
What's your favorite song at the moment?
Do you like asking ChaCha random questions?...I do. :)
What's your favorite smiley? (:D, :P, etc.)
Are you listening to music right now? If so, what?
What does your status say on MySpace, if you have one?
Do you know what song the title of this survey is from?
Is there anyone that makes you mad just thinking about them?
Can you pronounce Bzoink?
Ever said "LOL" out loud?
Do you think Nevershoutnever has a cute voice? :)
What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
Who was your last text from?
What year were you in Kindergarten?
Who was your best friend in Kindergarten?
What concerts/shows have you been to?
Gray or grey?
Has anyone ever told you that you have an accent when you really don't?
Speaking of accents, what's your favorite?
"caramel" or "carmel"?
What's your favorite Lonely Island song, if any?
What kind of car do you drive/want to drive?
Have you ever made a note out of random letters from magazines?
What was the last gift you received?
Why are you doing this survey?
Have you heard Panic at the Disco's new song? What do you think of it?
Seen Across the Universe?
Do you think it's stupid to watch movies over and over?
Do you do Bzoinkoids on a regular basis?
Do you like Seinfeld? :)
Do you make smileys like :] or :)? Or a different way?
When you see the colors pink and yellow together what do you think of?
Do you like Seether's "Careless Whisper" cover?
This or That.
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Have Lady Gaga living under your bed or listen to Nsync 24/7?
Facebook or MySpace?
Aim or A-I-M?
Go on Youtube all day, or go on Bzoink all day?
Nevershoutnever! or Nickasaur!?
Shuffle :)
Song 1
Is this your favorite song?
Do any of your friends hate it with a passion?
If you made your mom listen to it would she get mad?
Who could you imagine dancing to this?
What's the first line?
Song 2
Does it make children cry?
Is it depressing?
Would this be a good song to listen to in an elevator with Barney?
How many times does it say "my"?
Did you say it was stupid, but have it anyway?
Song 3
What's the 17th word of the song?
Is it the first song you go to when you turn on your computer/music player?
Or maybe it's the last song you would think of listening to?
What's the name of the lead singer?
Have you seen this band live? If so did they sound the same?
Other random questions
Did you think Twilight was good or stupid, if you've read it?
Are things better when nobody's heard of it, or when it's more popular?
What is the funniest song you've ever heard?
And the most pointless?
Is there one band you just can't stand listening to?
Do you like country music or find it annoying?
Have you read Ghostgirl?
Did you ever own any Backstreet Boys cds?
Do you still have a casette player that you actually use?
Do you hate it when people spell things wrong on purpose?
Do you like hand sanitizer? :D
Are you going to use this on MySpace?
Are your friends' siblings mean to you when you come over?
Do you like waffles?!
Are clowns more disturbing or funny?
Have you ever seen a scary movie that was actually scary?
What color shirt are you wearing?
Did you like this survey?
Tell all your friends! Or at least save your results. :)