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Author: melissa526
Created: August 12, 2009
Taken: 170 times
Rated: G

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when it rains, it pours

Created by melissa526 and taken 170 times on Bzoink
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do you have a child?
what is your mom's name?
are you having fun tommorow?
are you drinking anything right now?
do you like the color blue?
are you a child, teenager, or adult?
do you cook?
do you like to smell roses?
have you ever been to california?
have you met any tv stars before?
what does your name start with?
do you go by your first name, nick name, or a middle name?
have you ever ate spaghetti ever in your life?
do you write neat or sloppy?
what colors are the curtains in your living room? if you have curtains.
have you ever saw the sample survey when you were making a survey?
do you have a bzoink?
do you get on this everyday just to take some surveys?
what grade are you in school?
do you text alot? or do you not have a phone?
do you like thunderstorms?
do you like the sun to get some tan?
do you like to stay outdoors or indoors?
what color are your socks at the moment?
do you like polka dots?
do you have any nephews or nieces?
are you in a relationship with someone?
do you have a celebrity crush?
how old is your mom?
what is the time?
do you like to take my surveys?
what color is your hair?
are you eating?
what do you hear when you're silent?
:P do you eat your ice?
do you even like ice?
do you do your laundry?
what is today's date?
whats the best thing when there is school back?
do you check your email ever?
who is your bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world?
did you like this survey?
well if so, rate it please ok?
one more question....what made you want to take my survey?