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About This Survey

Author: mirthlessdoll
Created: August 12, 2009
Taken: 583 times
Rated: G

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About You & 10 Of Your Friends!

Created by mirthlessdoll and taken 583 times on Bzoink
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Name 10 Of Your Friends
Are you related to number 1?:
Do you love number 2?:
Is number 3 older or younger than you?:
Are you romantically involved with number 4?:
Do you wish you could see number 5 more?:
How did you meet number 6?:
Would you ever kiss number 7?:
Does 8 share the same taste in music as you do?:
Would you tell a secret to number 9?:
Would you ever live with number 10?:
Have you ever dated any of the 10 people listed?:
Would 3 and 7 make a good couple?:
Do 2 and 5 get along?:
Are you secretly in love with number 6?:
When did you last see number 8?:
Does number 2 know number 6?:
Have you slept in the same bed as number 4?:
Is number 7 single?:
What do you like to do with number 5?:
Has your mom met number 6?:
Are number 4 and 8 friends?:
What does number 9 look like?:
When did you last talk to number 10?:
What was the last thing you said to number 2?:
Have you ever hugged number 1?:
Is number 2 in a relationship?:
Would 3 and 5 ever get in a fight over you?:
How old is number 4?:
When will you next see number 6?:
Have you ever hooked up with number 9?:
Do 7 and 8 live in the same place?:
Do you want to talk to number 10 right now?:
Is number 3 in your phone contacts?:
You caught 7 and 9 kissing, your reaction is?:
Does number 2 smoke?:
You throw a party and invite 2, 3, and 4, would there be any problems?:
You're on a roadtrip with 1 and 7. Is it awkward at all?:
8 just kissed you. What do you say?:
3 and 9 just got into a fight. What might it be about?:
Does 7 hate 9?:
How is 4 today?:
Where does 8 live?:
Have you ever liked 6 more than a friend?:
Would 2 and 4 look cute together?:
Would you ever borrow any of 2's clothes?:
Is 3 taller than 10?:
Are you taller than 7?:
Would it surprise you if 9 got arrested?:
Could you live with 3 and 4 for a year?:
Do you like number 6's hair?:
Does number 1 know something about you that most people don't?:
8, 6, and 1 are hanging out together. Likely or no?:
When did you last hear from number 10?:
Could 3 and 8 be friends?:
Who do you have more in common with, 4 or 9?:
What do you usually talk to number 6 about?:
Is number 1 a good dancer?:
Have you ever gone swimming with number 5?:
Would you ever have a sleepover with number 2 and 3?:
Could you see yourself having kids with number 7?:
Do you find number 1 attractive?:
You're in trouble. Who do you call first?:
Is number 2 a good shoulder to cry on?:
Will you talk to 9 tonight?:
Does 10 have any irrational fears?:
Do you know something personal about number 4?:
You need a date for something. Who do you ask?:
Do you text number 5?:
Does 8 have a nice body?:
Do you approve of the people number 9 dates?:
Would number 6 look good with facial hair?:
Would you ever date one of number 7's siblings?:
Would you go to number 10's wedding?:
How would you react if you found out number 8 had a drug problem?:
Did you go to school with number 1?:
How did you meet number 2?:
Would it surprise you if you found out number 4 was stalking you?
Does 3 make you smile?: