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Author: melissa526
Created: August 12, 2009
Taken: 90 times
Rated: G

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my stupid mouth, has got me in trouble again.

Created by melissa526 and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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have you heard of myhotcomments.com?
have you heard miley's new song: party in the usa?
do you like the color orange?
do you talk on the phone everyday?
how is school going?
what is your mood at the moment?
is the tv on?
do you have pink anything?
do you wear your sunglasses at night for the fun of it?
do you say sorry way to much?
when you hear a new song you love, do you know the words by the next day?
have you took alot of surveys before this one?
have you tooken any of mine?
do you drink out of plastic or glass cups?
are you rich?
how much money do you have in your wallet?
do you watch soap operas?
are you a good solver to word problems?
are you any good at math?
do you do really good in school?
is your favorite color a shade of green?
what color is the carpet, if you have any?
do you like halloween time?
do you drink some cokee or pepsi more?
when you go out, do you record something because its a new episode the day?
what is the closest blue object to you?
who's your favorite teacher?
do you listen to the radio?
do you add songs to your ipod/mp3 everyday?
do you wash your hands before you eat?