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Author: --kirstiesmile--
Created: August 12, 2009
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

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( thats what you qet when you let ur heart win ]

Created by --kirstiesmile-- and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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Hair color:
eye color:
wass happeninq ?
what time is it:
how's the weather outside:
where are you:
last thinq you drank:
what's the last sonq you sonq:
whats your fave time of music:
favorite band/artist:
favorite color:
favorite season:
favorite social networkinq site:
how about?
what's the last store you went to:
what was the last item you bought:
ever been to a concert:
if yes, who'd you see:
do you like the freecreditreport.com commercials:
how about the progressive commercials:
who was the last person you texted:
what does the last message in your inbox say:
what's your favorite type of movie:
what movie do you wanna see:
who's your celebrity crush:
do you like someone:
do you like football:
do you play any sports:
do you know how to play poker:
did you ever gamble:
Have you ever ?
have you ever made out in a movie theatre:
have you ever kissed in the rain:
have you ever cheated on someone:
have you ever got cheated on:
have you ever skinny dipped:
have you ever shoplifted:
have you ever stayed up for 48hrs without sleep:
have you ever fought:
have you ever got arrested:
have you ever ran away:
what time did you wake up today:
are you supposed to be doinq anythinq:
do you like All Time Low:
do you think doomsday is really qonna happen in December 2012:
is Global Warminq a myth:
do you think our economy is qonna qet better or worse:
what color shirt are you wearinq:
what's your favorite type of sneaker:
what's one thinq you can't live without:
are you okay:
how was this survey: