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Author: melissa526
Created: August 11, 2009
Taken: 154 times
Rated: G

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look at me and look at you. now tell me honey who's jealous of who

Created by melissa526 and taken 154 times on Bzoink
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hey there. whats your name?
what is your age?
do you have blonde hair?
if not, what color? if so, do you like it?
what are the colors of your eyes?
do you like the life you are living?
what school do you go to?
do you like it?
does your teeth show when a camera takes pictures of you?
are you in middle school?
do you have a cellphone?
how many siblings do you have?
do you use lotion when your hands or feet is dry?
do you have a house phone?
are you talking to anyone right now?
do you love KentuckyFriedChicken?
did you notice i captilized the KFC?
are you a smart or a dumb person?
are you a boy or a girl?
do you wear any make-up?
are you a regular person, or are you gothic, emo, or anything else?
are you in any gangs?
do you love to play video games?
do you like heart shaped things?
what is your myspace/facebook background if you got one?
do you add salt to all your food?
do you carry a purse, or are you a boy?
do you like to watch spongebob squarepants?
do you like to watch disney channel as much as i do?
have you ever saw the show THE NANNY?
are you hungry?
are you thirsty?
then do you have anything to eat or drink?
if not, why not? and if so, good for you.
do you know anyone named michael?
what about penny?
do you listen to miley cyrus any?
have you heard the new disney channel song, Send it On?
are you a vegetarian?
do you abuse animals, or do you take care of them?
have you ever felt so sad only because you havent seen your pet in a while?
who is your science teacher?
are you one of a kind?
when you go to weddings, do you dress up?
do you like to eat chicken meat?
have you ever realized you were staring mean at the tv for no reason?
what color is the sofa in your livingroom?
do you have a wii?
do you play on a psp?
do you like to eat chips with some dip?
can you eat mashed potatoes with no gravy?
whats your favorite tv show?
what is your favorite song at the moment?
are you happy?
are you sad?
why are you happy or sad?
do you know what question you're on?
do you take really good care of your teeth?
do you ever get any mail in the mail?
do you even have a home?
do you drink beer or any other bad drinks?
is any of your grandparents alive?
what time is it?
did you enjoy my survey?
i want you to take some more ok?